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Olbermann vs. The State of Indiana


This morning I came across this video laying out the situation in Indiana with their newly passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act. How I did not hear about this (probably because it Indiana) blows my mind. But this is ridiculous. How a state in 2015 thinks that they have the right to protect expression of religion, by allowing businesses to refuse sservice to another person based on religious grounds is absurd. This seems eerily close to the Jim Crow laws of over 50 years ago.

But more importantly, Olbermann and even Charles Barkley, have said that the NFL, NBA and NCAA need to vacate the state of Indiana. This would include events such as the NFL Combine, this years NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four and next years NCAA Women’s Basketball Final Four. But the real issue is, will the respective heads of the major leagues in sports including the NCAA make the powerful move to boycott the legislation. Last year the NFL made a great step by standing up to the state of Arizona when they were poised to do something similar. So now all of these leagues are forced with a decision. BOYCOTT NOW! No human being should ever be discriminated for what their religion, skin color, general beliefs or appearance. It is 2015, we all at some point need to realize that the world we live in is evolving and that while traditional beliefs are what got us to this point, but at some point those beliefs evolved just like we as humans have.

Your move NFL, NBA, and NCAA. I am watching closely. It may be too late for this year’s Final Four. But a serious stance can be made going forward. Make the right decision.


Alex Smith Traded


As I predicted after the 49ers win against the Patriots back in December, Alex Smith would in fact never start another game for San Francisco.

Today, the San Francisco 49ers agreed to trade Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs. In the trade, the 49ers will receive a 2nd round pick (34th overall) along with a conditional mid-round pick in the 2014 draft.

Alex Smith was having a career season when he suffered a concussion mid season in a game against the Rams. He ultimately lost his starting job to Colin Kaepernick who led the 49ers to the Super Bowl. Alex Smith’s numbers at the time of the injury were impressive. In 9 games, he thre for 1,731 yards, with 13 touchdowns only to 5 interceptions.The 49ers were 6-2 at the time (they ended up tying the game in which Smith suffered the concussion) and they were primed for another trip to the postseason.

Colin Kaepernick took over for Alex Smith in week 11 for a Monday Night Football game against the Chicago Bears and dazzled. It was enough to create a controversy in which coach Jim Harbaugh declared Kaepernick the starter. From there out, he performed exceptionally. Leading the 49ers to a 5-2 record to end the season, they finished 11-4-1 in which both quarterbacks split the snaps, and even a berth in the Super Bowl. By trading Alex Smith, the 49ers are making a statement that they are going all in on Colin Kaepernick.

The most unfortunate thing about this trade, Alex Smith did not perform poorly to lose his starting job. HE SAT OUT WITH A CONCUSSION! That is it! You can’t blame them for sticking with Kaepernick. He is a mobile quarterback with a cannon for an arm. The 49ers catered their offense to Kaepernick’s abilities and it got the all the way to the Super Bowl, you can’t blame them for moving forward.

Best of luck to Alex Smith. He deserves to start in this league after everything he went through. Hope for the best for him. Don’t call me a prophet or anything

The Coronation of Colin Kaepernick & the 49ers


Wow. Before you jump on me for jumping on the 49ers bandwagon, let’s remember one thing, I was born and raised a 49er fan. Now that I am living on the East Coast, my allegiances will always be West Coast over everything.

Sunday night, I was able to watch the game at Finnerty’s, a Bay Area sports bar in the East Village of New York City. Oh man was it an experience. I had never been there before which is strange considering I have lived in New York since April and love Bay Area sports. Anyways, there was a little bit of conflict for me during this game. I hadn’t fully gone back to being a 49er faithful yet (I grew up a huge 49ers fan more on it later), but then I remembered how much I loathe the Patriots. Funny how I say that, considering my fantasy team includes both Tom Brady and Stevan Ridley, the Starting QB and RB for the Patriots. Hey, keep your enemies close I guess you could say. So here comes my conflict, root for the Bay Area team that I grew up loving, or go for a win in my fantasy playoffs. Easy choice, especially considering the East Coast Media never gives the West Coast any love in sports. Oh and living in New York, I HAVE to represent for the West Coast!

So now on to the game, or should I say coming out party for the 49ers which we can all say has been at least 10 years in the making. Let’s not forget that they were in the playoffs last season, and if not for a few untimely fumbles by Kyle Williams, they would have been well on their way to a Super Bowl appearance and probable victory.

The big lights, primetime football, along with a road game in New England set the stage for a huge matchup. The last 10 years have been the EXACT opposite for these two teams, one has enjoyed much success inlcuding Super Bowl victories and the other has been struggling for its identity, running through coaches and failing to miss the playoffs. Last year, the 49ers made their return to the playoffs, something was evident, this once proud franchise was back. They hired Jim Harbaugh from Stanford, and from day 1, it was a new beginning. New attitude, new intensity, something they had lacked for years. Jim Harbaugh’s first season was a complete success, until that fateful day in January when Kyle Williams fumbled two key punts which led to the 49ers loss.

Although last season ended in heartbreak, the niners cameThis year, they have seemed to have it. Ever since Colin Kaepernick took over the starting nod from Alex Smith, the 49ers offense has seemed to have that spark. They seemed to take on a whole new exciting identity, While they might not have been seriously tested yet, last night was going to be that test. Brady vs. Kaepernick, that was the matchup we were faced with. Brady, the man with everything and the rings, facing the kid who has everything to prove.


How could you not root for Kaepernick? Drafted as a baseball player out of high school, he went on to star at the University of Nevada and set many records. Underhyped and undervalued, he was taken in the 2nd round of last years draft, the first for Harbaugh’s new regime. He grew up in the Bay Area, rooted for the 49ers and always dreamed of playing for his beloved hometown team (peep the picture below). Last week there was much controversy around Kaepernick’s tattoos, it even went as far as one journalist comparing him to a prison inmate. But despite all the controversy, Kaepernick is humble and mature beyond his years, leading his 49ers team to victory after victory.


Walking into Finnerty’s was an experience. We arrived right as Kaepernick threw a perfect strike to Randy Moss to make it 7-0 49ers. Walking into a Bay Area bar that had just erupted on a 49er touchdown meant it would be an amazing night. From then on out, it was one hell of a game. Colin Kaepernick, playing like a seasoned veteran on the road against New England in December, outplayed Tom Brady throughout the first half. Despite the few muffed snaps, don’t forget its December in the Northeast, Kaepernick never lost his cool. By Halftime, it was 17-3 49ers and you could hear all of the northeast, minus Finnerty’s, in hush mode.

As the 3rd quarter resumed, it was more of the same. The 49ers dominating on both sides of the ball, turning turnovers into points and by the time we could blink, it was 31-3 49ers. No typo here, true dominance by a team that gets no love from the media. Just as we were getting used to the idea of the 49ers pulling off an improbable blowout, Tom Brady began to show his true colors. With 6:45 left in the 4th quarter, Danny Woodhead crossed the goal line to tie the score, and the air seemed to go out of Finnerty’s. Oh no, here comes the worst. But just as we feared the worst, LaMichael James had an amazing return which set up Kaepernick’s 38 yard touchdown pass to Michael Crabtree.

Finally, the defining moment for a West Coast team. Kaepernick was able to answer to the furious comeback that Brady & Co. were in the midst of pulling off and lead the 49ers to victory. I have been saying this for weeks now, but its official, Alex Smith will NEVER start another game for the 49ers, barring injury to Kaepernick (knock on wood).


Now I know what you all are saying, primarily how could I jump on the bandwagon and root for the 49ers or what’s wrong with the Raiders. Well, like I briefly stated before, I grew up idolizing the 49ers. I was a huge fan of Jerry Rice, Steve Young and Merton Hanks. Especially the latter, with his chicken dance, something only he was able to perfect. But more than anything, being a 49er fan was a bond I shared with my father. Growing up we went to 49er games and watched them together. I miss watching them, miss going to Candlestick (as horrible as it is), and more importantly miss the glory days. Hopefully with Kaepernick taking the snaps and Harbaugh calling the shots, they can rekindle some of that magic I was so accustomed to growing up.

The Replacement Debacle

The headline for today’s New York Post

Oh man, this is getting out of control. The Replacement referee’s are making a mockery of what we all consider America’s game. As many of you heard/saw/couldn’t escape the result from Monday nights crazy finish in which the Replacement Refs (and the Seattle Seahawks) won Monday night’s game on a hail mary throw, 14-12.

Now 3 weeks into the season, we have seen the detrimental effect that these replacement referee’s are having on the game. This play to end the Seahawks vs. Packers game was just the icing on the cake. Numerous missed calls and even some calls which should have not been made, have the players and fans furious. Never before has this kind of backlash been seen in professional sports.

Who is to blame in this situation? Roger Goodell. He needs to figure a way to get a deal done, and soon might I add. It is a complete joke seeing a game end the way it did monday night. One referee throws up a touchdown signal, while the other signals for the clock to be stopped, literally I can’t make this shit up even if I tried.


This is out of control. It has gotten to the point where the public has declared war on the NFL. I mean I can feel a little sorry for the Refs, considering they are used to DIVISION 3 football, but why were they the ones who were chosen? You would think that the NFL being one of the biggest industries in the world, they would be able to get a better quality set of referee’s to officiate league games, not just preseason. It’s absurd. Now you have players lashing out on twitter, even senators and players tweeting Roger Goodell’s phone number out. Is there an end to this madness, or will Goodell get his act together? All I have to say is that this kind of fuckery needs to end, or the NFL will become the laughing stock of sports.

Here’s some of the evidence of why.

Players Backlash

Wisconsin Senator Jon Erpenbach was one of many to tweet Roger Goodell’s number

And here was the damage that was done


Complex Best of the 2000s…

Check this out. Brings back the old days. The decade in which i changed the most as a person and had some of the craziest things happen. Enjoy!

The Hangover 1.18.09

So we come into this new week wondering a few things, how are the Cardinals the NFC Champions and what happened to Joe Flacco? The Cardinals punched their ticket this afternoon with a convincing 32-25 Win over Philadelphia today in the NFC Championship game. Larry Fitzgerald today cemented himself as one of the most dynamic receivers in the NFL with his game-changing performance of 9 catches for 152 yards and 3 Touchdowns. Fitzgerald today proved that he alone could lead the Cardinals to yet another victory, and is in position to do so again next week should he put up another performance like the one today. In the other Championship game, the Steelers made Joe Flacco show his experience by forcing 3 interceptions, with one being returned for a touchdown along with his 13-30 passing for only 141 yards. Hey Joe, next time change your diaper before you go to the playoffs because today you really stunk it up. The Steelers won the game 23-14 and will be going to their 2nd super bowl in 4 years. So there we have it, 2 weeks from today Super Bowl XLIII with the Arizona Cardinals matching up against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hmm, I can’t help but notice this has the feel of the World Series. One team nobody expected to be there opposing an opponent who most expected to get there. Well unlike baseball, I’m picking the upset. Cardinals should take this one, but not by much giving them their first Super Bowl title in franchise history. Dang 66 years was too long.

So did anyone catch the Lebron James commercial. There had been a lot of hoopla and hype for the last few weeks about a big announcement on 1.18.09 and that we would have to brace ourselves. Well in case you didn’t catch it, here’s the video. 

Oh and maybe it’s just me, but I am getting the vibe that Peyton Manning and Lebron James are somewhat competing for the title of the most marketable athlete. I mean Lebron has that other State Farm commercial as well as his newest Nike Commercial. But, Peyton did have some very funny commercials with Mastercard. #1 #2 #3 and his very most recent #4. His appearance on Saturday Night Live was hilarious too. Check the videos here and here

In other news, the much anticipated film Notorious came out friday with much hype. Apparently this movie is a big hit with many people showing up at the box office to see it. So basically i must be one of the few hip-hop fans who isn’t in too much rush to go see this flick. Hmm, maybe i should check it out. 

On a very good note for all of us baseball fans, pitchers and catcher report to camp in just 24 days. Big news for all of us anticipating what is going to go down this season. yet there is one big problem, many big names stars such as Manny Ramirez, Ken Griffey Jr., and Adam Dunn (to name a few) are still free agents. Along with these players still being free-agents, we have the 2nd installment of the World Baseball Classic this year and from the looks of it, the USA is in trouble. They lost Alex Rodriguez to the Dominican Republic and they seem to lack a lot of punch in their lineup that they had in 2006. Hey, my guess is we shock the world and make the Semifinals, whoo hoo!

This should be a good week, I make my return to Santa Barbara and get to enjoy one last week of doing nothing before school starts! Maybe this week some of those big name free agents get signed.

Mark Sanchez declares he will leave USC for NFL