The Hangover 1.11.09

What a week this has been. Florida won it’s 2nd BCS National Title in 3 years. Therefore making Tim Tebow’s claim as one of the most dominant and explosive players in college football history. Today he announced that he would forgo the NFL Draft and return for his senior season. Which brings up the thought, could Tim Tebow win a 3rd National Title and possibly a second Heisman?

The NFL Playoffs resumed this week, with 3 out of 4 Road teams winning games this week. It started yesterday with the Baltimore Ravens beating the Tennessee Titans in a physical game which came down to the wire. In the late game the Arizona Cardinals dominated the Carolina Panthers on the road, 33-13. Today we saw the defending Super Bowl Champs the New York Giants lose at home 23-11 to the Philadelphia Eagles. In the final divisional series game, we finally saw the home team prevail, with the Pittsburgh Steelers roll over the San Diego Chargers 35-24. Which brings up an interesting Championship weekend. We have the Arizona Cardinals hosting, yes that is not a typo, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers hosting the Baltimore Ravens. Considering i have not done too well on my early season picks for the playoffs, im going to go along the safe route and pick the Steelers and the Cardinals. One upset and one guarantee. Hopefully this will pan out, and then the Steelers capture their 2nd Super Bowl victory in 4 years.

In the NBA, the Celtics are stuggling, (finally) and the Lakers are rolling. So why couldn’t this happen last year in the finals. It should be interesting how this next month plays out until the All-Star break. Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers proved a lot to me when they dominated the Celtics at home on friday. Highlights Here. So at this point, my NBA Finals picks have changed from Celtics vs. Lakers to Cavs vs. Lakers. I just don’t think Boston has the bench to get them all the way and Lebron James is just too determined to win a ring. 

The Oakland Athletics signed Jason Giambi to a one year deal. Wait? Is this the same Jason Giambi that 7 years ago we were all calling a sellout, because he signed a lucrative deal with the Yankees and left A’s fans hating him? The same Giambi who admitted to taking steroids? Hmm, don’t quite understand this one yet. I am open to the idea of bringing a little offense in, but I didn’t think it meant Jason Giambi. Hey, we actually might have a good offense, a healthy Chavez, Matt Holliday, and Jason Giambi all basically added to that lineup. Plus the Angels took a few hits in the offensive side of their ballclub. If the A’s get some pitching who knows, the AL West could be up for grabs. 

Elsewhere in the sporting world, there was much more hoopla about the final rankings. Many people have complaints about the final rankings, well honestly each of the top 4 teams have a case for why they should be the best in the land. Yes, Florida won it all, but there should be a playoff. Currently there is no option for it so guess what, we can’t do anything about it. For the time being we can all just say what if and hope that they adopt a better system in the future. Because at this point, the BSC, oops in mean BCS, needs to go. But in case you still can’t get over it.Check this out!

Anyways, hope this weekend wasn’t too much for everyone. I came across the phenomenon known as MLB Network and I’m impressed, now only if i can get it in my apartment…

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