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Olbermann vs. The State of Indiana


This morning I came across this video laying out the situation in Indiana with their newly passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act. How I did not hear about this (probably because it Indiana) blows my mind. But this is ridiculous. How a state in 2015 thinks that they have the right to protect expression of religion, by allowing businesses to refuse sservice to another person based on religious grounds is absurd. This seems eerily close to the Jim Crow laws of over 50 years ago.

But more importantly, Olbermann and even Charles Barkley, have said that the NFL, NBA and NCAA need to vacate the state of Indiana. This would include events such as the NFL Combine, this years NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four and next years NCAA Women’s Basketball Final Four. But the real issue is, will the respective heads of the major leagues in sports including the NCAA make the powerful move to boycott the legislation. Last year the NFL made a great step by standing up to the state of Arizona when they were poised to do something similar. So now all of these leagues are forced with a decision. BOYCOTT NOW! No human being should ever be discriminated for what their religion, skin color, general beliefs or appearance. It is 2015, we all at some point need to realize that the world we live in is evolving and that while traditional beliefs are what got us to this point, but at some point those beliefs evolved just like we as humans have.

Your move NFL, NBA, and NCAA. I am watching closely. It may be too late for this year’s Final Four. But a serious stance can be made going forward. Make the right decision.


Draft Rewind


Last night was the NBA Draft, and for anyone who does not pay attention to college basketball, the nba draft preview or whatever the case may be, we all knew that Anthony “The Uni-Blocker” Davis, out of the University of Kentucky was selected first in the draft. It’s been a crazy week for the kid, especially after he came out and TRADEMARKED his Uni-brow. Yes you heard it here, the kid trademarked his uni-brow. Smart business deal or is this just over blown? His next order of business is to definitely get some braces, with all the money he is about to make, I’m sure he can afford to. Like Dwight Howard, Davis will be a star at the next level and I think some people would be a little hard-pressed to plaster this look everywhere.

Okay Okay, got off topic for a bit. With the 2nd pick in the draft, His airness’ Bobcats team selected Michael Kidd-Gilchrist from Kentucky as well. Making him and Davis the first pair of teammates to go 1-2 in the draft ever. Also these two were freshman! What is even more suprising is the fact that Jordan actually made a great pick! MKG as I will call him, is probably the hardest working player in the draft, someone who plays every game like it is Game 7 of the Finals. He is the type of player anyone would like to build a franchise around. Especially more suprising with Jordan’s history of picks, Kwame Brown comes to mind, Adam Morrison, and the countless trades he made which doomed the franchise. When I heard MKG’s name called, I almost fell out of my chair because this kid is a stud. Yes he only played one season at UK, but he will definitely be a perennial all-star for years in the league, assuming the Bobcats can build a team around him. Wait is that an oxymoron?

Washington drafted Florida’s Bradley Beal next, a great shooter with “high-character” and is a “complete basketball player” as dubbed by the trillest man in America, Jay Bilas. Cleveland had the 4th pick and decided to take Syracuse 6th Man Dion Waiters. Wait, you pass up on Thomas Robinson? Oh yeah, they selected Tristan Thompson last year, a poor man’s Robinson, who doesn’t had nearly the same drive. Not a knock on Thompson, but Robinson has the potential to be a very special player. Lucky for the Kings, he dropped to the 5th spot and they were able to swoop him up. Looks like him and Boogie Cousins are going to average 25 boards a game. Things look promising in Sacramento, assuming they actually stay there. Portland, by virtue of the Nets plain and simple getting shafted in the Gerald Wallace trade, because he opted out recently, and gave the Blazers a gift of a lottery pick. With this pick, they decided to draft Damian Lillard out of Weber State, who hails from Oakland. Not a big name player, but someone who developed later and improved every year, eventually becoming a leader of some sorts on a little known Weber State team. I think Lillard is a sleeper, well as much as you can be at that spot. Not many people saw him play College ball, but he put up the stats and should benefit from the years he spent in college (Very rare these days). At 7, my hometown Warriors took Harrison Barnes from UNC. I for one was very very suprised he fell this far and that the Warriors actually took him! Good player who will definitely improve at the next level. Should be exciting to see him develop in the NBA.

The rest of the draft after that point wasn’t too crazy, other than the fact that Austin Rivers was selected 10th by the Hornets. So wait, they are banking on Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers leading that team into the future? WOW. Or even the fact the Rockets were able to draft an all-star team of selections. They first got Jeremy Lamb out of UConn at 12, then picked up Royce White from Iowa St at 16, and then swooped up Terrence Jones at 18. Seriously? All these guys were studs in college, obviously not lottery picks this year but Lamb and Jones both won a National title in their 2 years in college and Royce White is a point forward with a lot of upside. I’m not sure if the Rockets are trying to package together a Dwight Howard deal but their team looks nice moving forward, as long as they can develop the talent. In another suprising move, Boston swooped up Jared Sullinger of Ohio St. and Fab Melo of Syracuse at 21 and 22 respectively. I guess Boston wasn’t scared of the “bulging dicks discs” which Andy Katz misspoke on live TV.

All in all, 6 players from Kentucky and 4 from UNC were drafted in the first 46 picks. Seriously?!?! In a great story, Robbie Hummel, who tore his ACL twice in college was swooped up with the 58th pick by the Minnesota Timberwolves. The kid has a great work ethic and obviously a hell of a lot of determination to come back from 2 devastating knee injuries and subsequently get drafted. Hats off to him. Also, I would like to tip my hat to Bernard James from Florida State. He was drafted in the second round by the Cleveland Cavaliers, who actually traded him to Dallas. But he spent 6 years in the Air Force from 2003-2008. He went through 3 tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Qatar before returning to Florida State. He was welcomed to a standing ovation, in the 2nd round, and chants of USA-USA-USA. What a moment for the NBA, especially with David Stern basically getting boo’ed off the stage every time he came up to announce a pick.

It should be interesting to see in the future how these picks develop and to see if and who turns into All-Stars and Superstars. Is it better than the drafts of ’85 or of 2003? Only time will tell, but I can sure say this will be an exciting NBA season coming up and I for one, cannot wait!



Tim Tebow leads Florida to 2nd BCS National Title in 3 Years


Tim Tebow throws a pass during the FedEx BCS National Championship Game.

Tim Tebow throws a pass during the FedEx BCS National Championship Game.

January 8, 2009- Tim Tebow made a promise to the Media and all of the fans after the loss to Ole Miss.  

“To the fans and everybody in Gator Nation. I’m sorry, extremely sorry. We had hoped for an undefeated season. That was my goal, something Florida has never done here. But i promise you one thing, a lot of good will come out of this. You will have never seen any player in the entire country play as hard as I will play the rest of the season and you have never see someone push their team as I will push everybody the rest of the season. And you will never see a team play harder than we will the rest of the season. God Bless.”

Such powerful words from one man. Definitely showed off during the rest of the season as the Gators won the remainder of their games to capture the BCS National Championship. Florida (13-1) used its suffocating defense and rode a big game by Tim Tebow, who threw for 231 yards and 2 Touchdowns while running for 109 yards. Oklahoma seemed to never have an answer defensively for “Superman”, the nickname Tim Tebow has received from his teammates. Tim Tebow now boasts an impressive resume with 2 National Titles and a Heisman trophy in 3 short years of college, while also setting many SEC and NCAA records in the process. Should he return to school Florida could once again be very dangerous.

On the other side, Oklahoma is very quickly developing a reputation as a team which cannot win the big game. In their last 5 BCS Bowl appearances, Oklahoma has lost every single one. Yes, there were some very interesting circumstances to each loss. In 2004, they were outplayed by a dominant LSU team and lost 21-14. The following year they traveled to the very site where tonight’s game took place, and took on the USC Trojans. On this night Oklahoma was blown out by one of the great USC teams of the decade which included Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, Lendale White, Lofa Tatupu, and Frostee Rucker. Oklahoma then didn’t make the BCS the following year in 2005, but they returned in 2006 and lost a thriller to Boise State on the statue of liberty play 43-42. Last year Oklahoma ran into West Virginia and their fast, explosive spread run attack which featured Pat White, Noel Devine, and Steve Slaton. West Virginia ran for 349 yards and won the game 48-28. This has definitely been the Achilles heel of Oklahoma in BCS games. Coming up clutch and finishing the season on a high note. 

Now this brings up a very interesting dilemma. Does USC or Texas deserve a chance at the National Title. Should college adopt a +1 method. Texas did beat Oklahoma on neutral turf. USC on the other hand beat 2 top 10 teams as well as going 4-1 against the Pac-10 teams who all won bowl games this year. USC had a very dominating defense while Texas used a balanced attack. I think both of these teams could have easily given Florida a run for their money and maybe even have beaten them. USC was physical enough on D with enough big men to stop Tim Tebow and they were fast enough and athletic enough to counteract Florida’s playmakers. Texas on the other hand had a good enough offense to challenge Florida’s D and could have given them different looks than Oklahoma did tonight. But hey, we can only wish that this happened. We will have to sit around and hope that College Football wises up and intergrates a playoff system to therefore give major teams a chance at the National Championship. But on one more not, Congrats to Florida. USC will be there next year.


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Lil’ Wayne on 1st & 10

Lil’ Wayne on ESPN’s 1st & 10

Here’s Skip Bayless’ Music Video

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