The Hoopla in Sports

So as we venture into tomorrow’s big day, and by big day i mean the deadline for underclassmen to declare their names for the draft, there are a lot of big headlines hitting the news. Before bowl season started, Colt McCoy declared his loyalty to Texas and said he would be back for his senior season. Along with McCoy, Tim Tebow declared he would return to Florida in attempt to win a 3rd National Title in 4 years, along with possibly winning his second Heisman Trophy. Today, his biggest competitor Sam Bradford, declared he would return for his junior season. Even though many thought Bradford was the most NFL ready Quarterback in college football while putting up insane number, he feels like there is more to accomplish, including a national title which he failed to achieve this year. Another big name who has decided to stay in school is USC Safety Taylor Mays. Mays was one of the leaders of a dominate USC defense which by many was considered one of the best in the country. His return will help stabilize a defense which will take many hits coming into the 2009 season.

Some big names to have declared for the 2009 NFL Draft include Michael Crabtree who acheievd many awards in his 2 years as a wideout at Texas Tech. Crabtree is projected to be an early first round pick in the upcoming draft. Along with Crabtree, Georgia’s Knowshon Moreno and Matthew Stafford have declared for the draft. The two led the SEC in major categories at their respective positions, with Moreno leading the SEC in rushing and Stafford leading the SEC in passing.

Now there is the speculation about Mark Sanchez. Many scouts and sources believe that the USC signal caller will declare early for the draft, while his father says that he is undecided. Sanchez definitely had an up and down season, starting with the knee injury during the summer and culminating with his monster game in the Rose Bowl against Penn State. Even though he only had one full season as a starter, many think Sanchez is best suited to declare early, due to the amount of big names who will be in the draft next year, along with the past experience of what happened to Matt Leinart when he stayed for his senior season after winning the Heisman. If Sanchez declares, he could easily be an early first round pick with quarterbacks being at a high demand for this April’s draft. Soon enough we will have a verdict, and because I am a huge USC fan, i hope he stays. Nonetheless, USC could be a serious title contender next season with or without Sanchez. Pete Carroll always finds a way to get it done.

On another note, oft-injured receiver Vidal Hazelton will transfer to Cincinnati. Leaving the USC Trojans with another offensive hit.

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