The Replacement Debacle

The headline for today’s New York Post

Oh man, this is getting out of control. The Replacement referee’s are making a mockery of what we all consider America’s game. As many of you heard/saw/couldn’t escape the result from Monday nights crazy finish in which the Replacement Refs (and the Seattle Seahawks) won Monday night’s game on a hail mary throw, 14-12.

Now 3 weeks into the season, we have seen the detrimental effect that these replacement referee’s are having on the game. This play to end the Seahawks vs. Packers game was just the icing on the cake. Numerous missed calls and even some calls which should have not been made, have the players and fans furious. Never before has this kind of backlash been seen in professional sports.

Who is to blame in this situation? Roger Goodell. He needs to figure a way to get a deal done, and soon might I add. It is a complete joke seeing a game end the way it did monday night. One referee throws up a touchdown signal, while the other signals for the clock to be stopped, literally I can’t make this shit up even if I tried.


This is out of control. It has gotten to the point where the public has declared war on the NFL. I mean I can feel a little sorry for the Refs, considering they are used to DIVISION 3 football, but why were they the ones who were chosen? You would think that the NFL being one of the biggest industries in the world, they would be able to get a better quality set of referee’s to officiate league games, not just preseason. It’s absurd. Now you have players lashing out on twitter, even senators and players tweeting Roger Goodell’s phone number out. Is there an end to this madness, or will Goodell get his act together? All I have to say is that this kind of fuckery needs to end, or the NFL will become the laughing stock of sports.

Here’s some of the evidence of why.

Players Backlash

Wisconsin Senator Jon Erpenbach was one of many to tweet Roger Goodell’s number

And here was the damage that was done


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