Quick Guide to March Madness


You may have heard about this thing called March Madness. The prelude aired last week with Championship week. Different schools around the country, many you haven’t heard of, and many you have. There is a team in search of a 40-0 season (Kentucky) and even a team with a losing record (Hampton).

Quick recap of what happened. Arizona won the Pac-12 Regular Season and Conference Title. Its first conference title since 2003. Notre Dame won its first conference title, EVER. They never won the Big East title in 18 years in the conference, but somehow pulled off the feat their second year in the ACC. The Big East was won by Villanova, their first in years, yet nobody respects them and their 30 wins. The Big 12 and the B1G (Big Ten) were both up and down, yet have a good representation in the tournament with 7 teams each. But just because a conference has either 7 or 2. It depends on the quality. The toughest teams to beat in this tourney will be from the ACC and Pac-12. Look for a team from each of those conferences into the final four.

But let’s get to brass tax. Will Kentucky run the table? They are the first team since Bob Knight’s Indiana to enter the tournament undefeated. Is it time we start talking about John Calipari as the BEST recruiter ever? Despite losing players to the NBA Draft year after year. He reloads and this may be his best achievement yet. Let’s just see how they stack up in the tournament after falling short last year. The tough question is, who can compete with them?

It seems every year lately one of the favorites gets knocked out before the end of the 2nd weekend. Not making it to the Final Four. Even more recently, having mid-majors making deep runs. We have even seen those teams who are forced into a play in game, winning 3 games before the weekend is over (I’m looking at you Ole Miss this year).

Every year, we wonder, who is this year’s cinderella? What moments will we get this year. WIll my favorite team actually make a run? Let’s get to the games to find out!

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