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Olympic Aftermath

So soon? Just like that, the 2012 London Olympics have came and went with a blur, along with great excitement along with a some heartfelt moments. We don’t have to look far to see that the host nation of Great Britain produced some amazing moments, with Andy Murray winning gold over Roger Federer who had just beat him a month prior in Wimbeldon, Jessica Ennis winning the Heptathlon or Mo Farah wowing us all with his mid-distance brilliance. It was a pretty incredible night for Great Britain, a night when Jessica Ennis took home the gold, Mo Farah won the 10k final, and Greg Rutherford won the men’s long jump. This will probably go down as the greatest night in British track and field history. Not to mention the amazing opening and closing ceremonies they put on. But there was a lot that amazed me during these Olympics. There was the obvious exploits of the great Michael Phelps and equally amazing Usain Bolt but there was more.

Haha I just won my 18th gold! How many do you have?

Starting with Phelps, all he did was become the most decorated Olympian ever. Winning his 18th gold and 22nd overall, Phelps assured himself retiring off into the sunset would be a smooth transition. There were the doubts, especially after in his first race he didn’t even medal, although it was an event he had previously stated he would not race it ever again before the Olympics. But Phelps, despite the rumors about how he might not show up these Olympics, proved everyone wrong. He may have started slow, but those Subway sandwiches he has been eating the past few years seemed to give him enough fuel to still come away with 6 medals this olympics, 4 golds and 2 silvers. Proving to everyone, despite the lack of motivation rumors and pot smoking scandal, he could be as great as he wanted to be and still perform at the highest level.

Shhhhh. You know I’m the best sprinter. EVER.

Not to be outdone, Usain St. Leo Bolt put on an insane performance of his own. After completely blowing away the competition in Beijing in the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m, we all wondered what he would do for an encore. All he did was impress with a dominant performance, setting the world record in the 100m (actually running the whole 100m this time) and another world record in the 4x100m relay. He also dominated in the 200m final as well, though he didn’t set a world record this time, he set the 3rd best time in history, let us mention that Bolt owns the top 2 times in the 200m as well. The craziest part about each 100m race he ran this olympics, the 100m final and the 4x100m final, they were equal with him for the first 50m of the race and then Bolt turned it on the last half blowing away the competition. In the 200m final, Bolt was off to the races from the get go, with only his teammate and training partner Asafa Powell within striking distance. So where does this leave him after these olympics, having been the first olympian to ever repeat in the 100m and 200m in consecutive Olympics, not to mention also repeating in the 4x100m. Bolt cemented his status as a legend by doing this. He told everyone he wanted everyone to turn their televisions off after and say wow, well he did. Usain St. Leo Bolt, you amazed me, along with the rest of the world. Congratulations sir, you did it.

First double amputee to compete in the Olympics. Inspiration to all of us most definitely

Staying in the theme of Track & Field, there is the inspirational story of Oscar Pistorius, a man who was born without a fibula in both legs and had them both amputated as a young child. He became the first double amputee to not only compete in the olympics, but he reached the final in both the 400m and the 4x400m. While he was not able to medal in either competition, he served as inspiration to all of us. He showed us all that the best olympic stories do not have to come from people winning medals.

US Women’s Soccer captured it’s 3rd straight Gold Medal this Olympics

Looking at women’s sports as a whole, they seemed to dominate this Olympics for the United States. The women’s hoops team took the gold medal for the 5th consecutive Olympic games, seriously does anyone want to take note to the fact that this team is consistently more dominant than any of its competition. Take note to the fact they blew out France by 36 points in the final. On to the women’s soccer team, who in their own way have been dominant as well. They just won their 3rd consecutive gold in women’s soccer. Unlike the hoops team, their road to the final was a little bumpier, with Alex Morgan providing some late game heroics to get the US to the final against Japan, the team who beat them in the World Cup last year.

Looking at track & field, the women for the United States impressed here as well. After a botched handoff in the semifinal in Beijing, the US women’s relay team won the 4x100m relay in world record time, emphatically finished with Carmelita Jeter pointing at the clock as she passed the finish line. One of the women in that relay team, Allyson Felix, was trying to exercise some demons of her own this Olympics. She had finished with silver in each of the previous 2 Olympics in the 200m, but this Olympics she would not be denied. She won gold in the 200m and 4x400m relay along with the gold she won in the 4x100m. One of Felix’s teammates on the 4x400m relay team Sanya Richards-Ross, was looking for gold in the 400m, after getting bronze at the 400m. Like her other teammates, she was able to overcome her previous struggles and earn the gold.

Over in gymnastics, the US women surprised us all during the Olympics. The team won gold in the all around competition, along with Aly Raisman winning the first US gold on the floor exercise and then Gabby Douglas becoming the first African-American to take home gold in the individual all around. On a lighter, somewhat disappointing note, McKayla Maroney took home the silver in the vault final. While this was disappointing, it sparked up a revolution on the internet known as McKayla is not impressed, after the look she gave on the podium. We all know she might have been upset, but we cannot help but laugh at the new internet sensation, one which she even participated in.

Not to be forgotten, the 2 team beast of Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings won gold, AGAIN. Not only did they win gold, but they did it without losing a set, in the whole Olympics. Not this Olympics, not the Beijing Olympics, and also not in the Athens Olympics in 2004.

See the reoccuring theme here? Why couldn’t the US men achieve this kind of excellence at the Olympics. Whatever the case may be, I could not be happier for the US women as a whole, considering they carried us through the Olympics.

But besides the fact the women stole the show, the Olympics as a whole were entertaining. There were many triumphs, and many heartbreaks. It’s unfortunate that they only come around every 4 years, but at the same it is what makes them so amazing. Your move Rio. We cannot wait til 2016.