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GIF’s are ruling the Tournament!

Luckily, I was not home last night during the games or else I would have thrown my laptop through the television and probably would have made some other questionable decisions.

Thank you based god for providing this ridiculous dance

As you can tell from this GIF above, there was a ridiculous upset last night. First off, who knew that Florida Gulf Coast University even existed? Then they end up beating the Big East Co-Conference Champions? Wow. What a story. I heard they have only been around since 1997. Even better. But the dunk to ice the game? Absolutely perfect.

It’s open season out here for all these top teams. But honestly, I should not be surprised. Crazy upsets happen all the time. I just don’t understand how teams I picked to make the Final Four, decide not to show up to the gym for their first round games. All good. Has provided some some ridiculous entertainment.

This is funny..

We need to remember that these kids are NOT professionals, yet. So we should not always expect highlight dunks like the ones we see in the NBA, but some people should just give up while they are ahead…

….But this is funnier

You have to love March Madness because of this. While they might not have had any buzzer beaters yet, their have been many clips, and in this case GIF’s, that are picking up the slack.

Now I just hope that I don’t take too much more damage on my bracket. Things are getting out of control. As of 4pm, I have 23 of 33 correct. WTF!

They may have gotten blown out, but this was pretty sick


Updates from Day 2

It doesn’t matter what this kid is doing, this March Madness has been wild.

Yesterday there were upsets everywhere. As of 6pm today, I have 15 out of 22 picks correct.

Recap. (Original Pick on left, actual result at end).

Midwest Region

#1 Lousiville over # 16 NC A&T: Like I said, right to get blown out. Louisville won.

#9 Mizzou over #8 Colorado State: This kid’s face is killing me, along with his team winning. Mizzou Lost.

#12 Oregon over #5 Oklahoma State: Stop sleeping on the Pac-12 people! Oregon’s grossly under-seeded. Oregon won.

 #4 Saint Louis over #13 New Mexico State: Apparently the A-10 is good! St. Louis won.

#11 St. Mary’s over #6 Memphis: Of course I picked the Bay Area team to win. Dellavedova almost proved me right. St. Mary’s Lost.

#3 Michigan State over #14 Valparaiso: I don’t care that Bryce Drew is their coach, no upset here. Michigan State won.

#10 Cincinnati over #7 Creighton: In progress. Creighton is good and Cincinnati is physical. But I have too much Big East faith apparently. Cincinnati Lost.

#2 Duke over #15 Albany: Yeah right. Duke coasts. Duke won.

5-3 in this region. Bad Losses too. Not a good sign.


#1 Gonzaga over #16 Southern: Will a 16 seed ever win? Gonzaga almost let it happen. Gonzaga won.

#8 Pittsburgh over #9 Wichita State: Hey Pitt, remember when playing in the Big East made you a tough basketball team? Oh yeah, the conference is going bye-bye along with my faith in you. Pittsburgh Lost.

#12 Ole Miss over #5 Wisconsin: Marshall Henderson is just trying to make a name for himself. I’ll give him this one. Ole Miss won.

#4 Kansas State over #13 La Salle: Down big early, but came roaring back. Terrible final possession. Kansas State Loses.

#6 Arizona over #11 Belmont: Another Pac-12 school seeded too low. Act like I would ever bet against them in this situation. Arizona won

#3 New Mexico over # 14 Harvard: I didn’t care that New Mexico was a Final Four pick, I just didn’t believe Harvard would win. Should have listened to Jeremy LinNew Mexico Lost.

#7 Notre Dame over #10 Iowa State: Once again, putting faith in a lower level Big East team. Game Later.

#2 Ohio State over #15 Iona: Yeah right. Ohio State should mop them. Game Later.

3 correct, 3 incorrect so far. Wow.


South Region. VCU and Michigan are only teams to have played so far.

#1 Kansas over #16 W. Kentucky: I can’t believe I am wasting my time typing this. B-L-O-W-O-U-T! 

#8 North Carolina over #9 Villanova: PJ Hairston went H.A.M. in the ACC tourney. Give them one tourney win.

#5 VCU over #12 Akron: Of course I am on the Shaka Smart bandwagon now. VCU won.

#4 Michigan over #13 South Dakota State: Too much talent. What conference is SDSU even in? Michigan won.

#6 UCLA over #11 Minnesota: Umm. Pac-12. Shabazz Muhammed. Just hope this seeding isn’t based on Justin Adams breaking his foot.

#3 Florida over #14 Northwestern State: Same situation as Michigan. Never heard of Northwestern State.

#7 San Diego State over #10 Oklahoma: Still drinking that California school kool-aid.

#2 Georgetown over #15 Florida Gulf Coast U.: I think you already know. But Georgetown looked shaky in the Big East tourney.

2-0 so far. But no upsets picked could be a problem.

East Region

#1 Indiana over #16 James Madison: Blowout. 20 point lead at Halftime.

#8 N.C. State over #9 Temple: N.C. State almost came back to win. But they let Temple control the tempo early which killed it. N.C. State Lost.

#12 California over #5 UNLV: Cal is essentially played a home game in San Jose. Also it’s the most local team to where I grew up. Bias? Of course! Cal won.

Ouch! Don’t be a sore loser!

#4 Syracuse over #13 Montana: It was over within 5 minutes. Syracuse won by 47! Syracuse won.

#6 Butler over #11 Bucknell: Better have faith in these cinderella’s before they bust your bracket! Butler won.

#3 Marquette over #14 Davidson: Big East faith paid off. But that’s because Marquette was a Co-Champion. Davidson allowing them to comeback also helped. Terrible defense on last possession. Marquette won.

Great play or bad defense?

#7 Illinois over #10 Colorado: Pac-12 love of course, just need the Buffs to get hot. They are down

#2 Miami over #15 Pacific: Some of these matchups are ugly. This is another case. Miami won.

5-1 so far. Good games so far.


One thing I have been doing during these games, along with my many streams, is to tune into Grantland Live. Hilarious conversations between Jalen Rose, Bill Simmons and 2 other Journalists. Check it out. It’s hilarious. Here’s a sample of one of the videos, courtesy of Grantland.


Let the Madness Begin!

2011 NCAA Tournament from Houston, Texas

What a final saturday it was in college basketball! Going into Championship week, the real contenders and pretenders are starting to show themselves. This is the first year they have expanded the field to 68 teams this year, so 3 of those teams who normally would be on the outside looking in are going to get that shot to wear the glass slipper and be this years cinderella team.

On what was the last weekend of the season, we witnessed many teams wrap up their conference championships. By virtue of Iowa upsetting #6 Purdue, #1 Ohio State clinched the Big Ten title, and the top seed in next week’s conference tournament. In a matchup of the top 2 teams in the SEC, the #14 Florida Gators went into Nashville, Tennessee and beat the #20 Vanderbilt Commodores.

Ealier this afternoon, in what is considered the toughest conference in the nation, the Big East put on a show. Despite a late charge by the #16 UConn Huskies and their star Ben Hansborough fouling out early in the second half, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish won in Storrs, Connecticut, clinching a double bye in the upcoming Big East tournament. The title of the Big East was won outright by the Pittsburgh Panthers, who also will have a double bye in next weeks Big East Tournament. The Big East tournament is looking to break it’s own record, and send 11 out of their 18 teams to the tournament. Some include Marquette, Cincinnati, Lousiville and West Virgnia. The latter two, engaged in a tough battle this morning with West Virgnia stealing a win away from Louisville who down the stretch, couldn’t seem to put away the Mountaineers. With teams of this caliber all converging on the Madison Square Garden next week, I’m sure we are in for what should be one of the best conference tournaments ever.

As far as the either power conferences, Kansas squeaked out a win over Missouri to clinch the Big 12, and spoil a perfect home record for the Tigers. The Arizona Wildcats were able to close out a perfect home record, en route to clinching their first pac-10 title in 6 years under 2nd year coach Sean Miller. Arizona is a team who missed the NCAA tournament last year along with another major school we are used to seeing in the limelight in the UNC Tar Heels, who today beat their arch-rival Duke Blue Devils to clinch the ACC Regular Season title. It’s great for college basketball that teams such as UNC, Arizona, St. John’s and UCLA are all making their return to NCAA tournament this year. Only the future holds where these teams will finish at the end of the season, but expect an exciting finish to the season!