GIF’s are ruling the Tournament!

Luckily, I was not home last night during the games or else I would have thrown my laptop through the television and probably would have made some other questionable decisions.

Thank you based god for providing this ridiculous dance

As you can tell from this GIF above, there was a ridiculous upset last night. First off, who knew that Florida Gulf Coast University even existed? Then they end up beating the Big East Co-Conference Champions? Wow. What a story. I heard they have only been around since 1997. Even better. But the dunk to ice the game? Absolutely perfect.

It’s open season out here for all these top teams. But honestly, I should not be surprised. Crazy upsets happen all the time. I just don’t understand how teams I picked to make the Final Four, decide not to show up to the gym for their first round games. All good. Has provided some some ridiculous entertainment.

This is funny..

We need to remember that these kids are NOT professionals, yet. So we should not always expect highlight dunks like the ones we see in the NBA, but some people should just give up while they are ahead…

….But this is funnier

You have to love March Madness because of this. While they might not have had any buzzer beaters yet, their have been many clips, and in this case GIF’s, that are picking up the slack.

Now I just hope that I don’t take too much more damage on my bracket. Things are getting out of control. As of 4pm, I have 23 of 33 correct. WTF!

They may have gotten blown out, but this was pretty sick


Updates from Day 2

It doesn’t matter what this kid is doing, this March Madness has been wild.

Yesterday there were upsets everywhere. As of 6pm today, I have 15 out of 22 picks correct.

Recap. (Original Pick on left, actual result at end).

Midwest Region

#1 Lousiville over # 16 NC A&T: Like I said, right to get blown out. Louisville won.

#9 Mizzou over #8 Colorado State: This kid’s face is killing me, along with his team winning. Mizzou Lost.

#12 Oregon over #5 Oklahoma State: Stop sleeping on the Pac-12 people! Oregon’s grossly under-seeded. Oregon won.

 #4 Saint Louis over #13 New Mexico State: Apparently the A-10 is good! St. Louis won.

#11 St. Mary’s over #6 Memphis: Of course I picked the Bay Area team to win. Dellavedova almost proved me right. St. Mary’s Lost.

#3 Michigan State over #14 Valparaiso: I don’t care that Bryce Drew is their coach, no upset here. Michigan State won.

#10 Cincinnati over #7 Creighton: In progress. Creighton is good and Cincinnati is physical. But I have too much Big East faith apparently. Cincinnati Lost.

#2 Duke over #15 Albany: Yeah right. Duke coasts. Duke won.

5-3 in this region. Bad Losses too. Not a good sign.


#1 Gonzaga over #16 Southern: Will a 16 seed ever win? Gonzaga almost let it happen. Gonzaga won.

#8 Pittsburgh over #9 Wichita State: Hey Pitt, remember when playing in the Big East made you a tough basketball team? Oh yeah, the conference is going bye-bye along with my faith in you. Pittsburgh Lost.

#12 Ole Miss over #5 Wisconsin: Marshall Henderson is just trying to make a name for himself. I’ll give him this one. Ole Miss won.

#4 Kansas State over #13 La Salle: Down big early, but came roaring back. Terrible final possession. Kansas State Loses.

#6 Arizona over #11 Belmont: Another Pac-12 school seeded too low. Act like I would ever bet against them in this situation. Arizona won

#3 New Mexico over # 14 Harvard: I didn’t care that New Mexico was a Final Four pick, I just didn’t believe Harvard would win. Should have listened to Jeremy LinNew Mexico Lost.

#7 Notre Dame over #10 Iowa State: Once again, putting faith in a lower level Big East team. Game Later.

#2 Ohio State over #15 Iona: Yeah right. Ohio State should mop them. Game Later.

3 correct, 3 incorrect so far. Wow.


South Region. VCU and Michigan are only teams to have played so far.

#1 Kansas over #16 W. Kentucky: I can’t believe I am wasting my time typing this. B-L-O-W-O-U-T! 

#8 North Carolina over #9 Villanova: PJ Hairston went H.A.M. in the ACC tourney. Give them one tourney win.

#5 VCU over #12 Akron: Of course I am on the Shaka Smart bandwagon now. VCU won.

#4 Michigan over #13 South Dakota State: Too much talent. What conference is SDSU even in? Michigan won.

#6 UCLA over #11 Minnesota: Umm. Pac-12. Shabazz Muhammed. Just hope this seeding isn’t based on Justin Adams breaking his foot.

#3 Florida over #14 Northwestern State: Same situation as Michigan. Never heard of Northwestern State.

#7 San Diego State over #10 Oklahoma: Still drinking that California school kool-aid.

#2 Georgetown over #15 Florida Gulf Coast U.: I think you already know. But Georgetown looked shaky in the Big East tourney.

2-0 so far. But no upsets picked could be a problem.

East Region

#1 Indiana over #16 James Madison: Blowout. 20 point lead at Halftime.

#8 N.C. State over #9 Temple: N.C. State almost came back to win. But they let Temple control the tempo early which killed it. N.C. State Lost.

#12 California over #5 UNLV: Cal is essentially played a home game in San Jose. Also it’s the most local team to where I grew up. Bias? Of course! Cal won.

Ouch! Don’t be a sore loser!

#4 Syracuse over #13 Montana: It was over within 5 minutes. Syracuse won by 47! Syracuse won.

#6 Butler over #11 Bucknell: Better have faith in these cinderella’s before they bust your bracket! Butler won.

#3 Marquette over #14 Davidson: Big East faith paid off. But that’s because Marquette was a Co-Champion. Davidson allowing them to comeback also helped. Terrible defense on last possession. Marquette won.

Great play or bad defense?

#7 Illinois over #10 Colorado: Pac-12 love of course, just need the Buffs to get hot. They are down

#2 Miami over #15 Pacific: Some of these matchups are ugly. This is another case. Miami won.

5-1 so far. Good games so far.


One thing I have been doing during these games, along with my many streams, is to tune into Grantland Live. Hilarious conversations between Jalen Rose, Bill Simmons and 2 other Journalists. Check it out. It’s hilarious. Here’s a sample of one of the videos, courtesy of Grantland.


Early March Madness Tidbits

1st GIF worthy moment of 2013 NCAA Tourney

Haven’t these kids learned anything from what is going on in the NBA? Even though the ref called it an offensive foul, this is either an embarrassing posterization or in this case a lucky offensive foul. Doesn’t Matter, Valpo was blown out anyways.

Quick thought. We all just found out Gonzaga’s weakness. They run the pick n’ roll too much and if they are matched up against a skilled big man, it could be a short run for them. No way the #1 overall seed should have been that close to a #16 seed.

There was an unfortunate loss by a Mid-Major so far with Davidson collapsing down the stretch/Marquette getting hot. It was tough to watch for the Davidson fans, but it was a necessary casualty. I for one have Marquette in my bracket and seeing them lose would have been tough.

Anyways, good games still ahead tonight. Should get good.

Dominican Republic Winning the Classic is great for Baseball


Last night, Dominican Republic completed their undefeated run in the World Baseball Classic, by defeating Puerto Rico 3-0 in the Championship game. It was a rainy night in San Francisco (sound familiar?) and it was a showcase of the the world’s best talent. Normally when speaking that sentence you might think of the United States or even Japan, considering they won the 2 previous World Baseball Classics. But this year was different.

Major League Baseball is in the middle of a power shift. While it has been no secret around Major League Baseball with the individual talent from the Carribbean and Latin America, we had yet to see them put it all together on the big stage. In 2006, the WBC was born and it was to bring the world’s best baseball talent together in one tournament to eventually crown a champion. The first 2 classic’s were both won by Japan, a country with a deep baseball history, so it almost came as no surprise. But here in 2013, there was a change.

Teams such as Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Cuba all put together juggernaut squads. Including players like 2013 Triple Crown Winner Miguel Cabrera, 2009 World Series Champion Robinson Cano, and 2013 World Series Champion Angel Pagan, these countries proved that their top talent was among baseball’s elite. Only Venezuela failed to reach the 2nd round of the tournament, unfortunately stuck in the same opening group as Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

With Latin America’s influence on Major League Baseball growing more and more by the day, it great to see some of their best suit up for their country. Even better to see players who normally face each other become teammates. Even more important, it shows he world what baseball is like elsewhere. Baseball might not be America’s most popular sport, but seeing the passion and pride that other countries brought to this tournament could help the sport of baseball in the long run. They taught us a few things about how to play the game, and even a huge lesson on sportsmanship.

Time to go Dancing!

Are you ready? I can’t believe this as I am writing it to you, but March Madness is here! The single greatest (in my opinion) playoff system in all of sports. 68 teams enter the field and 1 will come out a champion after winning 6 games. Buzzer beaters, diaper dandies, and cinderella stories are about to consume our lives for the next 3 weeks.

Along with the Jayhawks, time to go Dancing!

Anyways, there are 2 play in games tonight. Liberty and North Carolina A&T will fight it off for a chance to get blown out by Lousiville. The other game we get to see an exciting St. Mary’s team (who went 27-3 when not playing Gonzaga) face off against Middle Tennessee State in the 11 seed play-in. Tomorrow Long Island University of Brooklyn (ayo!) faces off against James Madison  in another “right to get blown out by a 1 seed” game. A pair of prospective 13 seeds will face off later when La Salle faces off against Boise State.

In the past few years we have seen teams from the play-in games use that momentum to win a few games in the tournament, most notably with VCU. Will we see another one of those this year? Good chance. It’s March Madness and more often than not, our Brackets will be busted. My pick out of the play-ins to make a run? St. Mary’s. Talent with Australian point guard Matthew Dellavedova.

Here’s another reason why I love College Basketball so much. (via Buzzfeed)

Get your brackets ready, because March Madness is here. Picks coming Thursday. Until then.

Do or Die

It was an offensive onslaught. Everything we had hoped to see out of Team USA in the World Baseball Classic. A dominant start by the Gio Gonzalez pitching near his hometown of Haileah, Florida, David Wright tying a WBC record with 5 RBI’s, and the United States rolled to a 7-1 victory over Puerto Rico in Marlins Park.


Unfortunately that was Tuesday. Now Team USA must do it again. Except there is no homecoming story and much bigger problems on the horizon. A win will send Team USA to the Semifinals in San Francisco, a loss sends  all the players back to spring training. Fun!

It’s really unfortunate that Team USA is in situation again. Although this time they are fighting for a chance to go to the Semi’s and a familiar opponent is standing in their way. Tonight’s game will certainly won’t be another 7-1 drubbing, and the American’s need to forget it. Puerto Rico has too much pride, and talent to bow out of the classic that way. They have played well the majority of the classic, but have stumbled as of late, losing 2 out of the last 3 to the Dominican Republic and USA respectively.

Whatever the result of tonight’s game, this team that Joe Torre selected has played their hearts out. While their haven’t been the big names that we had hoped for, this team has earned our respect. A win tonight will make us all believers. Don’t forget, they are playing for their country, and if you were given the same honor, wouldn’t you want to go out their and just win?


Thoughts from the WBC


I love the World Baseball Classic. I think anytime you can showcase the world’s best talent in a major sport you are bound to have a winner. Yes there are some flaws to the product so far, but in my opinion it is a winner. But the one thing they have failed to do is convince more American stars to play.

I understand the timing of the World Baseball Classic is not good, coming during Spring Training for many MLB players, but still. I watched the Dominican Republic play Venezuela last week and only one  player in the starting lineup was not in the big leagues. That truly is amazing to me. Seeing so many players represent their country, despite using this time to get familiar with teammates and coaches. I think it is actually pretty amazing.   While all of the players on Team USA are in the big leagues, they are not all superstars. Which to me begs the question, what does the WBC need to do to convince the major talent in Major League Baseball to participate.

I would love to see Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, and Matt Kemp fill the outfield. How about Buster Posey behind the plate? I like the rest of the infield, with Brandon Phillips, Jimmy Rollins, and David Wright (obviously minus Mark Teixiera who has been on te decline lately). There are some good choices mixed in, but I think it is a little sad that American players are not jumping at the chance to represent their country. I like the idea that some of the players from the World Champion San Francisco Giants but Ryan Vogelsong over Matt Cain? What about Justin Verlander? His teammate Miguel Cabrera, who won the TRIPLE CROWN last year, is representing Venezuela. I just don’t understand it.

Don’t get it twisted, I am not saying that the players on Team USA aren’t good enough or worthy of being there. I just want to see the elite Americans play some meaningful games together. Sorry to break your heart, but the All-Star game is not real. Nor is the idea that you can make it somewhat meaningful by attaching the home field advantage perk onto it.

I love the camaraderie that we have seen between players from the Dominican Republic, Italy, and Venezuela (to name a few). Each team has brought some sort of pizazz and cultural flavor to the game. Seeing the Dominicans playing with some much swagger and pride, its something that I envy. Something that gives you a real idea of what this means to them. I love the product on the field, along with the excitement. The first round was amazing and with USA playing Puerto Rico tonight in the second round, the real excitement begins.

Hanley being Hanley, bat flip and all.