Farewell to the Captain


Let’s get this straight from the get go, Derek Jeter has been a pain in my side for the MAJORITY of my baseball memories. So part of me can finally get over the pain he has suffered me over the years. Watching this live…


Moments like this make me have a strong dislike for the Yankees. But looking back on this, its one of the most iconic plays in baseball history, and you can’t help but realize the greatness of Jeter.

13 years later, we look back on the storied career of Derek Jeter, and the baseball world sheds a tear. We are truly losing one of baseball’s greats. Someone who forever changed the way the game was played. A captain, a mentor, always humble, but worked hard. The inside out swing, the 14 All-Star game experiences, becoming Mr. Novemver, even these…



He may not have been the most athletically gifted player ever, or the best at something, but what he was good at was longevity. Playing the game right. Sabermetrics never considered him an above average defender, but he somehow always made the play. He trade mark fall away throw from short will always be HIS thing. He had style, flair and some flash. He thrived in the Steroid Era, yet was never linked to anything. His 3,000th hit? A homerun. And in what seems to be a staged storybook ending to his remarkable career. Jeter hit a walk-off single in his final at-bat, in what will most likely be known in the future as “The house that Jeter built”.



But in all honesty, I can’t help be sad that we are losing one of baseball’s greatest. He has been a role model of sorts to baseball players everywhere as well as human beings. His impact on the game of baseball as a whole will be missed. There truly will never be another Derek Jeter. And with that said. Derek Jeter, I thank you for your impact on baseball and for showing us how to play the game right. #FarewellCaptain

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