Week 2 of the Madness Upon Us!

Wow. What a first week it was for March Madness. The #1 team in the country Gonzaga almost loses their tourney opener to Southern, and then 2 days later actually falls. A 15 seed squad in Florida Gulf Coast, who I admittedly said to myself (where is this school?), gets into the sweet 16. Should we all be shocked? Of course not. It’s March Madness, a time when the tournament can be as unpredictable as it can be exciting. Now with the advances in technology, we are treated to some gems like the GIF’s below.

The Shockers didn’t shock us with their rendition of the “Dougie”

Sometime’s I wonder if these teams actually practice their group dances or if they are secretly back-up dancers from some hip-hop group. Who knows!

Anyways back to Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). Here are a few random facts about this school which is making an appearance in the Sweet 16 in only their 1st NCAA Tournament.

-They have only been an actual school since 1997

-Their most famous alum is Chicago White Sox pitcher Chris Sale



-They became a Division 1 program in 2011

-Not only has the city of Fort Myers, Florida renamed their city #DunkCity…

Screen Shot Fort Myers

-They also have a rap anthem with over 500k views on Youtube

Gotta love this school who has become the Cinderella story we all love to see in March Madness.

One click of the heels is all it took for this Cinderella story to make the Sweet 16.


It has been one exciting tournament thus far. I can say, along with the majority of America, that we didn’t see this one coming. Almost in the same sense we didn’t see this Julian Gamble photobomb.

Anyways, time for the Sweet 16. If your not watching this weekend…

..I don’t know what you are doing with your life.

Enjoy the Madness!

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