GIF’s are ruling the Tournament!

Luckily, I was not home last night during the games or else I would have thrown my laptop through the television and probably would have made some other questionable decisions.

Thank you based god for providing this ridiculous dance

As you can tell from this GIF above, there was a ridiculous upset last night. First off, who knew that Florida Gulf Coast University even existed? Then they end up beating the Big East Co-Conference Champions? Wow. What a story. I heard they have only been around since 1997. Even better. But the dunk to ice the game? Absolutely perfect.

It’s open season out here for all these top teams. But honestly, I should not be surprised. Crazy upsets happen all the time. I just don’t understand how teams I picked to make the Final Four, decide not to show up to the gym for their first round games. All good. Has provided some some ridiculous entertainment.

This is funny..

We need to remember that these kids are NOT professionals, yet. So we should not always expect highlight dunks like the ones we see in the NBA, but some people should just give up while they are ahead…

….But this is funnier

You have to love March Madness because of this. While they might not have had any buzzer beaters yet, their have been many clips, and in this case GIF’s, that are picking up the slack.

Now I just hope that I don’t take too much more damage on my bracket. Things are getting out of control. As of 4pm, I have 23 of 33 correct. WTF!

They may have gotten blown out, but this was pretty sick

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