Updates from Day 2

It doesn’t matter what this kid is doing, this March Madness has been wild.

Yesterday there were upsets everywhere. As of 6pm today, I have 15 out of 22 picks correct.

Recap. (Original Pick on left, actual result at end).

Midwest Region

#1 Lousiville over # 16 NC A&T: Like I said, right to get blown out. Louisville won.

#9 Mizzou over #8 Colorado State: This kid’s face is killing me, along with his team winning. Mizzou Lost.

#12 Oregon over #5 Oklahoma State: Stop sleeping on the Pac-12 people! Oregon’s grossly under-seeded. Oregon won.

 #4 Saint Louis over #13 New Mexico State: Apparently the A-10 is good! St. Louis won.

#11 St. Mary’s over #6 Memphis: Of course I picked the Bay Area team to win. Dellavedova almost proved me right. St. Mary’s Lost.

#3 Michigan State over #14 Valparaiso: I don’t care that Bryce Drew is their coach, no upset here. Michigan State won.

#10 Cincinnati over #7 Creighton: In progress. Creighton is good and Cincinnati is physical. But I have too much Big East faith apparently. Cincinnati Lost.

#2 Duke over #15 Albany: Yeah right. Duke coasts. Duke won.

5-3 in this region. Bad Losses too. Not a good sign.


#1 Gonzaga over #16 Southern: Will a 16 seed ever win? Gonzaga almost let it happen. Gonzaga won.

#8 Pittsburgh over #9 Wichita State: Hey Pitt, remember when playing in the Big East made you a tough basketball team? Oh yeah, the conference is going bye-bye along with my faith in you. Pittsburgh Lost.

#12 Ole Miss over #5 Wisconsin: Marshall Henderson is just trying to make a name for himself. I’ll give him this one. Ole Miss won.

#4 Kansas State over #13 La Salle: Down big early, but came roaring back. Terrible final possession. Kansas State Loses.

#6 Arizona over #11 Belmont: Another Pac-12 school seeded too low. Act like I would ever bet against them in this situation. Arizona won

#3 New Mexico over # 14 Harvard: I didn’t care that New Mexico was a Final Four pick, I just didn’t believe Harvard would win. Should have listened to Jeremy LinNew Mexico Lost.

#7 Notre Dame over #10 Iowa State: Once again, putting faith in a lower level Big East team. Game Later.

#2 Ohio State over #15 Iona: Yeah right. Ohio State should mop them. Game Later.

3 correct, 3 incorrect so far. Wow.


South Region. VCU and Michigan are only teams to have played so far.

#1 Kansas over #16 W. Kentucky: I can’t believe I am wasting my time typing this. B-L-O-W-O-U-T! 

#8 North Carolina over #9 Villanova: PJ Hairston went H.A.M. in the ACC tourney. Give them one tourney win.

#5 VCU over #12 Akron: Of course I am on the Shaka Smart bandwagon now. VCU won.

#4 Michigan over #13 South Dakota State: Too much talent. What conference is SDSU even in? Michigan won.

#6 UCLA over #11 Minnesota: Umm. Pac-12. Shabazz Muhammed. Just hope this seeding isn’t based on Justin Adams breaking his foot.

#3 Florida over #14 Northwestern State: Same situation as Michigan. Never heard of Northwestern State.

#7 San Diego State over #10 Oklahoma: Still drinking that California school kool-aid.

#2 Georgetown over #15 Florida Gulf Coast U.: I think you already know. But Georgetown looked shaky in the Big East tourney.

2-0 so far. But no upsets picked could be a problem.

East Region

#1 Indiana over #16 James Madison: Blowout. 20 point lead at Halftime.

#8 N.C. State over #9 Temple: N.C. State almost came back to win. But they let Temple control the tempo early which killed it. N.C. State Lost.

#12 California over #5 UNLV: Cal is essentially played a home game in San Jose. Also it’s the most local team to where I grew up. Bias? Of course! Cal won.

Ouch! Don’t be a sore loser!

#4 Syracuse over #13 Montana: It was over within 5 minutes. Syracuse won by 47! Syracuse won.

#6 Butler over #11 Bucknell: Better have faith in these cinderella’s before they bust your bracket! Butler won.

#3 Marquette over #14 Davidson: Big East faith paid off. But that’s because Marquette was a Co-Champion. Davidson allowing them to comeback also helped. Terrible defense on last possession. Marquette won.

Great play or bad defense?

#7 Illinois over #10 Colorado: Pac-12 love of course, just need the Buffs to get hot. They are down

#2 Miami over #15 Pacific: Some of these matchups are ugly. This is another case. Miami won.

5-1 so far. Good games so far.


One thing I have been doing during these games, along with my many streams, is to tune into Grantland Live. Hilarious conversations between Jalen Rose, Bill Simmons and 2 other Journalists. Check it out. It’s hilarious. Here’s a sample of one of the videos, courtesy of Grantland.


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