Time to go Dancing!

Are you ready? I can’t believe this as I am writing it to you, but March Madness is here! The single greatest (in my opinion) playoff system in all of sports. 68 teams enter the field and 1 will come out a champion after winning 6 games. Buzzer beaters, diaper dandies, and cinderella stories are about to consume our lives for the next 3 weeks.

Along with the Jayhawks, time to go Dancing!

Anyways, there are 2 play in games tonight. Liberty and North Carolina A&T will fight it off for a chance to get blown out by Lousiville. The other game we get to see an exciting St. Mary’s team (who went 27-3 when not playing Gonzaga) face off against Middle Tennessee State in the 11 seed play-in. Tomorrow Long Island University of Brooklyn (ayo!) faces off against James Madison  in another “right to get blown out by a 1 seed” game. A pair of prospective 13 seeds will face off later when La Salle faces off against Boise State.

In the past few years we have seen teams from the play-in games use that momentum to win a few games in the tournament, most notably with VCU. Will we see another one of those this year? Good chance. It’s March Madness and more often than not, our Brackets will be busted. My pick out of the play-ins to make a run? St. Mary’s. Talent with Australian point guard Matthew Dellavedova.

Here’s another reason why I love College Basketball so much. (via Buzzfeed)

Get your brackets ready, because March Madness is here. Picks coming Thursday. Until then.

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