Do or Die

It was an offensive onslaught. Everything we had hoped to see out of Team USA in the World Baseball Classic. A dominant start by the Gio Gonzalez pitching near his hometown of Haileah, Florida, David Wright tying a WBC record with 5 RBI’s, and the United States rolled to a 7-1 victory over Puerto Rico in Marlins Park.


Unfortunately that was Tuesday. Now Team USA must do it again. Except there is no homecoming story and much bigger problems on the horizon. A win will send Team USA to the Semifinals in San Francisco, a loss sends  all the players back to spring training. Fun!

It’s really unfortunate that Team USA is in situation again. Although this time they are fighting for a chance to go to the Semi’s and a familiar opponent is standing in their way. Tonight’s game will certainly won’t be another 7-1 drubbing, and the American’s need to forget it. Puerto Rico has too much pride, and talent to bow out of the classic that way. They have played well the majority of the classic, but have stumbled as of late, losing 2 out of the last 3 to the Dominican Republic and USA respectively.

Whatever the result of tonight’s game, this team that Joe Torre selected has played their hearts out. While their haven’t been the big names that we had hoped for, this team has earned our respect. A win tonight will make us all believers. Don’t forget, they are playing for their country, and if you were given the same honor, wouldn’t you want to go out their and just win?


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