Winter Meetings are here, Christmas come early?

This time last season, the Oakland Athletics began what many thought of as a fire sale. Trading off many of their best assets for prospects, those assets included the likes of Gio Gonzalez, Trevor Cahill, and Andrew Bailey.

The trades, while seemed very drastic at the time, brought back a deep haul of prospects which helped the A’s restock their farm system and rebuild their team for the future. Now that was the expected, the unexpected was that the A’s would be anywhere close to competing for a playoff spot in the near future. Well this past season, they shocked the world, including winning 6 straight to steal the division from the Texas Rangers.

Back in the present, we are now on the cusp of this years Winter Meetings. Last year there were some huge splashes that came out of this week, the Angels signing Albert Pujols and CJ Wilson and the Marlins beginning their famous spending spree. What sort of splash can we look forward to seeing next?

We have already seen the Blue Jays become contenders from the 12 player trade they pulled off with the Miami Marlins. But we need to remember something, contenders are NOT made in the offseason. Especially considering that Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle were both signed last season  with hopes of turning the Marlins into contenders. We all saw how that ended up.

The Blue Jays aren’t the only team to have made a splash this offseason. David Wright inked a 7 year extension with the Mets along with the Red Sox signing Mike Napoli to a 3 year deal this morning. While the Mike Napoli deal is a great deal for the Red Sox, I can’t say the same for David Wright. They ended up giving him $122 million over 7 years, a huge over payment for a player whose power numbers have declined as of late, regardless if they moved the fences in last season and he had a great season.

But arguably the biggest free agents on the block are Josh Hamilton and Zach Greinke. Why they are the most coveted, I can not begin to explain to you. Both have had rocky on and off field issues, and are looking for a long term deal. While they are both the most talented free agents, they come with baggage. But are they worth the money really? That is yet to be determined. But what I can tell you, is they are not worth the long term deal they are asking for.

Well, the Winter Meetings are here. I am excited to see what is in store for the A’s and the rest of MLB. I hope the A’s can make some sort of splash to stay in contention, just nothing as drastic as last year. Because this time last year I was very worried about the future. But hey, in Billy Beane we trust!

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