Hurricane Sandy, the Aftermath

A photograph of Manhattan during the blackout courtesy of New York Magazine

Wow. What a week it was last week. I mean let’s just say I was one of those people who COMPLETELY overlooked all of the Hurricane Sandy hype. Alright, maybe hype is the wrong word to use, but nonetheless I was not buying it. Maybe it was me being the California kid at heart or that Hurricane Irene from the summer before did absolutely nothing, but I was not scared.

I spent Sunday, my last ful day with power, enjoying some of the NFL games, the lull of the World Series (more on that later) and primarily wondering what would actually happen. Mayor Bloomberg had prepared the city for a major disaster, and I for one am very happy he did. He shut down the subways and bus lines, also all lines of transportation in and out of manhattan.

Well Monday night, the madness came. While watching movies on Netflix, go figure, the lights started to flicker on and off. Around 8:30 pm, the lights finally went off. Followed by a few rumblings, later followed by a boom. I’m not sure which actually came first, primarily because once the power went out, things started to change. The first night was not too bad, but worst was ahead.

High winds, heavy rain, trees being ripped from their roots, and complete destruction was ahead. Oh not to mention, lower Manhattan became the dark zone. Something straight out of the movie ‘I Am Legend’ which coincidentally was based in Manhattan. But that was the tip of the proverbial iceberg. No cell service for about a mile, no running water, and also no heat. Initial reports said a few days with no power, but my thoughts were that we would be missing power, heat and cell service indefinitely. On a bigger scale, it would mean that I would miss the World Series aftermath, the start of the NBA season and possibly the Presidential election.

I didn’t miss much with the World Series. It was short, uneventful, and definitely something I was not upset I missed. Not so much the fact that the Giants won again, very disappointing for Athletics Nation, but the fact that the Detroit Tigers did not put up much of a fight. Once Pablo Sandoval went all Ruth/Jackson/Pujols with his 3 home run performance in Game 1, the series was all but over. But due to Hurricane Sandy, I was not able to really get immersed, especially with every commercial break during the actual World Series cutting to some preview of the devastation that was coming.

Baseball wasn’t the only sport affected by the Hurricane. The NBA season tipped of Tuesday night, the first full day of no power in Lower Manhattan, and was to be followed Wednesday with the New York Knicks traveling to Brooklyn to face their new crosstown rivals. Well thanks to Hurricane Sandy, there would be none of that. The devastation was too much for the city to handle at the time. But come Friday, the defending champions the Miami Heat would be coming to town. Luckily, the Knicks were playing for more than themselves that night. They came out and manhandled the Heat, led by Carmelo Anthony. It was a good sign for the city, one that needed to come back from all the devastation the week before.

Mayor Bloomberg even went as far as to cancel the NYC Marathon. At first he had stated the Marathon would go on as planned, but that was before the full extent of the damage to the city had been assessed. But after much scrutiny, he decided to cancel the Marathon, citing it would take many of the cities resources away from the relief effort.

Not only did Hurricane Sandy ruin a whole week at minimum for many people living on the East Coast, but it also has affected the sports world, along with the political race. Something to think about for the future, LISTEN to the weather! First the Hurricane, then Nor’easter that came yesterday. It was one hell of a 10 days. Let’s just hope I never have to go through it again!

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