WOW. This is interesting.

Wow. Please tell me this is not happening again. So the 2012 San Francisco Giants are playoff Cinderella’s again? I can’t help but feel like this is something completely out of a cheesy, baseball romantic-comedy starring Barry Zito, Matt Cain, and Marco Scutaro. I have to say I was pretty hard on the Giants just some 2 October’s ago. Maybe it was the situation I was in as a baseball fan, or maybe because I was living in the HEART of all the madness. Somewhat of my own Orange and Black nightmare, with Panda hats everywhere. Tough because I grew up an Oakland A’s fan, and living in the middle of the it all was something I never imagined. Maybe because I was witnessing the city’s first baseball championship EVER.

Now that I am removed from the situation, having just recently seen the Giants win the World Series, it is a little easier to digest. Somehow I find myself in a peculiar situation. I am throughly impressed with how the Giants have won 6 straight elimination games this postseason. But I am still a little skeptical. I have counted this team out many times this season, and yes their offense is not producing the way they should to win, they are getting timely hits from unlikely hero’s.

Part of me is stil a little bitter with the way the A’s lost in the playoffs, all the magic of an amazing season gets cut short too soon. The A’s first playoff appearance in 6 years, one which was the MOST unexpected ever. After gutting the team in the offseason for prospects and role players, the A’s made the postseason along with the Giants, also winning the West Division in their prospective leagues. When they lost, it was a little tough to watch, especially because it was at the hands of Justin Verlander, AGAIN!

But I’m getting off topic. Enough about Oakland, this isn’t about them. I could tell that something was in the air last night. Something to do with my Facebook feed being littered with posts about the Giants or that they were going to the game. All the pictures on Instagram, with people showing off their Giants shirts or pictures from the 2010 title run. I can’t say I’m surprised that the Giants won, but I know the fans were loud and that could be what sent them over the edge.

Once the game started, there was something special. There was a sea of Orange & Black in AT&T park, and the Giants wasted no time giving them a reason to get louder. Scoring a single run in both the 1st and 2nd innings, the Giants jumped out to a 2-0 lead 2 innings in capped by Matt Cain’s 2 out RBI single. Yes, another Giants pitcher with an RBI. But that was nothing. After getting out of a jam in the top half of the 3rd, the Giants loaded the bases for Hunter Pence. Hunter Pence had been struggling this postseason, but he had become something of a clubhouse leader with his pre-game speeches.

What happened next is something you will hardly ever see in a baseball game. Pence hit a broken bat single up the middle, in which 3 runs scored, aided by John Jay over-running the ball in center field. But at a second look, you see that Pence hit the ball twice. Once with his bat when it broke, and once agan when the barrel was flying off the bat. This gave the ball a weird spin which fooled the shortstop. Seriously, I can’t make this up if I tried.

After the 5 spot the Giants hung in the 3rd, the party was already started. With Marco Scutaro styling in the 4th on a grond ball, to Matt Cain screaming when Bruce Bochy came to pull him out, the Giants were ready. Everyone had an opportunity to shine this game, it was mostly at this point about how stylish they would do it. By the 9th inning, another crazy plot twist was added to the story, RAIN.

What an image from an incredible series

Javier Lopez got the first 2 outs of the inning, but was relieved by Sergio Romo, who got Matt Holliday to pop-up to end to NLCS MVP Marco Scutaro. What a fitting end to the series. Matt Holliday popping up to Marco Scutaro, how’s that for some karma, the rain soaked sellout crowd was able to erupt.

National League Champions once again. Twice in the last 3 years the Giants would be representing the National League in the World Series. WOW. What a way to end the series, knocking off the defending champs, in the rain, with not one fan having left. The Giants pulled off the impossible. Winning their 6th, yes not a typo, elimination game of this postseason. Yes I am impressed.

But remember that I am an A’s fan at heart. Watching this postseason was stressful, especially when the Giants and the A’s were both in the same position just 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately for me, the A’s were knocked out in the first round, but the Giants have pressed on. They came back from 0-2 against the Reds, on the road for the final 3 wins. Then, they came back from 3-1 against the defending champs, unfazed the last 3 games by the deficit and position they were in. Especially the way they won, outscoring the Cardinals 20-1 the last 3 games.

Now they are off to the World Series. But this has a different feel. Living in NYC, I am able to look at this story in a whole new way. Seeing them win game, after game has a whole new meaning to me. I am a little removed from the mayhem of living in the middle of the city going through a pennant race. Seeing this from the outside, makes me realize certain things about baseball. Makes me realize it can capture the heart of a city, make you live and die by every win and loss. The only thing standing in the way of a 2nd title in 3 years, is Justin Verlander, Prince Fielder and Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera. Now I have no idea what to think, who to root for, and what to expect for this World Sereis. The Giants have become everyone’s favorite story this postseason, I am have not jumped on the bandwagon but I do appreciate how great of a run this is.

Good luck San Francisco, you are up against a monster. Everyone is probably picking Detroit, but don’t let it get to you. Just know I will sit back and enjoy the drama that is about to unfold.

Who says baseball isn’t amazing?

Good luck San Francisco, you are up against a monster. Everyone is probably picking Detroit, but don’t let it get to you. Just know I will sit back and enjoy the drama that is about to unfold.

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