Game 7, Here we come!


Wow. Are the Cardinals seriously giving this series away or are the Giants just that good and the proverbial team of destiny?

Game 6 last night in San Francisco proved a hell of a lot. The Giants seem to have all the momentum in the world, even with the Cardinals up 3-1 in the series. But let’s not get to hasty and get ahead of ourselves. Game 7 is tonight and the unfortunate thing is we all know that momentum in a series to these guys is everything.

The scary thing is that we have seen this scenario before. In the NLDS, the Reds were up 2-0 on the Giants and had opportunities to close out the series before spiraling out of control. A Scott Rolen error made all that possible in the game 3 win. That gave the Giants momentum. This series, an error by Lance Lynn gave the Giants life and they haven’t looked back since.

Chris Carpenter didn’t give his team a chance this game. Allowing 5 runs in 4 innings, identical to his game 2 start in which he also took the loss. This season we have seen a completely different side of the Cardinals long standing ace. He has won every decisive game it seems for the Cardinals during his career, but last night could not get it done.

Well, here we are once again. Another series this postseason has gone the distance, actually they all have except the ALCS which ended in a sweep. The Cardinals, who have won 6 straight elimination games are poised and ready. This is familiar territory for them. Last time they went up 3-1 in a series though, they lost in 7 games to the Atlanta Braves in 1996. Will history repeat itself? Or can they use their newfound clutch genes to somehow steal Game 7 in San Francisco?

The Giants on the other hand, who did not face a elimination game en route to their 2010 World Series title, are 5-0 this postseason in elimination games, but have never won an NLCS Game 7 before. Could this be there first? It’s game 7 tonight, everything is on the line.

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