We’re going going, back to back, to Cali Cali

#RallyZito leads the Giants to a big game 5 win to keep their season alive

With the ALCS over, all focus has shifted to the NLCS between the Giants and Cardinals. For game 5, the Giants sent Barry Zito to save their playoff lives and keep the season going. Yes, the same Barry Zito which was left off the 2010 playoff roster for the Giants. The same guy who had his first winning season with the Giants 5 years into his contract.

All that did not matter for Zito. He was out to prove why he earned this playoff start and boy did he pitch the best game of his Giants career. Zito dominated the Cardinals into the 8th inning, even bunting a run home to help his cause during the Giants 4 run 4th inning.

Like in NLDS, the Giants began their rally from a huge error and were able to capitalize off of it to win. This time, it was an error by the pitcher Lance Lynn that started the rally. With runners on first and second, Hunter Pence hit a soft grounder back to Lynn in which he threw to 2nd base. On the throw, the ball hit the base and caromed off into the outfield. This started the rally and the Giants never looked back. Zito pitched 7 2/3 innings of shutout ball, scattering six hits and striking out six.

Now the series shifts back to San Francisco for game 6, and possibly a game 7. The Cardinals feed off the drama. Who knows, they might go to the full distance, and wait until their last out to stage a comeback to win it all. But we are not that far yet, they still can close it out in game 6 with Chris Carpenter on the hill.


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