Giants are back!

Alright, alright, alright. I might have to say the San Francisco Giants has started to impress me a little bit. They have a well built lineup, each hitter complementing the next, and even when they are changing the lineup, they still can find a way to win.

Last night was a great game to watch for anyone rooting for the Orange & Black. In the top of the 1st inning, with 2 on and one out, Allen Craig grounded a ball to short. Brandon Crawford fielded the ball and threw to second baseman Marco Scutaro, who was ready to turn two and get out of the inning. But Matt Holliday had other plans. His takeout=dirty slide of Scutaro not only was completely off the bag, but also injured Scutaro in the process. Scutaro ended up staying in the game and later it would pay dividends. But primarily this showed some heart. Tough, hard-nosed playoff baseball is everything to these guys and they will no matter what try to stay in the game.

A play like that can have some serious momentum, and the sellout crowd was ready to erupt. In the bottom of the inning, Angel Pagan became the second player to hit 2 lead-off homeruns in one postseason, to put the Giants up 1-0. After Chris Carpenter tied the score in the top of the 2nd with an RBI double, the Giants had their opportunity in the 4th. They tacked on 4 runs, highlighted by Marco Scutaro’s 3 run single which was aided by Matt Holliday’s error which allowed Angel Pagan to score from first.

Later in the game, Marco Scutaro was replaced by Ryan Theriot, citing a hip injury from the game’s earlier incident. In the bottom of the 8th, back to the umpires the attention went. Brandon Crawford lined a deep drive to the right center field, somehow John Jay was able to make the back-handed diving catch in the gap. Gregor Blanco had left on contact, not thinking that Jay had any chance of catching that hit. But as he came back to slide into first base, the throw had arrived at the same time, and he had to dive out of the way as he slid in. At immediate glance the umpires called him safe, and then after a crew meeting, they kept the call and the Giants were given another chance. They eventually tacked on 2 runs in the inning and would go on to win the game 7-1.

Now the series turns to St. Louis, and the Giants have some momentum. It is gonna be a great game, with Matt Cain and Kyle Lohse squaring off. This is an important moment in the series, the Cardinals will look to win 3 straight games and not let this series go back to San Francisco. I’m really excited for Tim Lincecum in game 4. Should be interesting to see him start a game this series.

Giants up 1-1 with the series shifting to St. Louis

Tonight we have game 3 of the ALCS between the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees. With Justin Verlander on the mound, it is hard to see why the Tigers will not go up 3-0 in this series. For the most part, especially if you exclude Valverde, the Yankees have not put up much of a fight against the Tigers pitching. Look for that trend to continue, especially with Verlander pitching at home. I will say this now, do not be surprised if the Tigers go on to win the World Series. They are clearly built to play in short series, and Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera are tough outs to get late in a game. They took down a hot Oakland Athletics team and are up 2-0 on the New York Yankees with their ace on the mound. Look for the Tigers momentum continue to roll.

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