The Ankle that broke the Yankees playoff hopes

Game 1. So many story lines, yet so many of them have been overlooked by the Derek Jeter ankle injury. Let’s get to it.

Cool October night in the Bronx. Atmosphere is intense. Why? This is the beginning of the League Championship Series. The type of series that can add to the list of baseball memories. But enough of that. The Yankees, somewhat a little hungover from the emotion of winning the decisive Game 5 against the Orioles in the Division Series, they came out flat. With Andy Petite it seemed the Yankees were not ready for this matchup. The game really didn’t seem all that real to them. And after being all the way down 4-0 aided by timely hits from Delmon Young, they were finally able to get back in the game. They started the beginning of their rally off Jose Valderde, getting a 2 run home run from Ichiro followed by a dramatic home run from Raul Ibanez.

But after tying the score, they couldn’t win the game an inning later. The game seemed to drag on a little bit and the air of the crowd died out. But then came the top of the 12th inning. Miguel Cabrera walked to lead off the inning. After Prince Fielder grounded out but was able to advance the runner to 2nd, Delmon Young doubled home Cabrera. Then came the toughest moment and Yankee fan has had to endure since losing 4 straight to the Red Sox in the 2004 ALCS. Derek Jeter ranged towards the middle of the diamond on Johnny Peralta’s ground ball and that’s when IT happened. The final verdict was that Jeter had fractured his ankle and would miss the rest of the postseason. Andy Dirks followed with an Infield single to make it 6-4, but the damage had been done. Jeter getting carried off the field was a huge blow to these deep run aspirations for the Yankees.

Game 1 may have gone to Detroit, but its a long series. The Yankees haven’t pitched C.C. Sabathia yet, but they also have not faced Justin Verlander. It should be interesting to see where things go from here. But Game 2 is right now. No rest for the weary. Followed by Game 1 of the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals series. Man this makes me wish I was living in San Francisco at this moment. But I do admire this day as a whole as a sports fan and I am excited. Let me leave you with a few meme’s for your enjoyment.

Could he pull a Schilling and upstage the Red Sox for that memory in the old Yankee Stadium

Haha or if he just watched Saturday Night Live on his invisible glasses.


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