Decisive Game 5’s and the 2 more on the horizon!

As painful as it is, the Oakland A’s magical season is over

Yesterday was a whirlwind of emotions for any baseball fan. 2 Game 5’s, both with teams fighting back from 2-0 deficits to get to that decisive game 5. The other 2 games were very important Game 4’s, with the Nationals and Orioles trying to extend their seasons. How ironic. Regional teams such as the A’s/Giants and the Nationals/Orioles were fighting for their playoff lives.

Let’s get to it. San Francisco was looking to become the first National League team to come back from an 0-2 deficit to win a series, let alone on the road for the final 3. The Giants were determined to get off to a good start in this one, with their ace Matt Cain on the mound. After 4 innings of being shut down, the Giants broke through against Mat Latos, scoring 6 runs, capped off by Buster Posey’s Grand Slam. Those runs ended up being plenty for the Giants as they were able to hold on to beat the Reds and advance to the NLCS. Well played San Francisco, well played.

Giants made History yesterday

In the other NLDS series, the Washington Nationals were fighting for their playoff lives against the Cardinals. After a pitching duel kept both offenses in check the whole game, the game went to the 9th inning. Jayson Werth came up to the plate against Cardinals Lance Lynn looking to get a rally started. After a 13 pitch at-bat, Lynn threw Werth a belt high fastball which he summed up in a few words in the post game interview. “Three-two heater. He beat me.” Werth hit a walk-off homerun, which sent the Cardinals vs. Nationals series into a decisive game 5 tonight, and the momentum has switched back into the Nationals favor.

WERTH-quake! Jayson Werth’s walk-off kept the Nationals alive!

How crazy is it that just an hour north, the Yankees and Orioles were playing out a similar game to the Nationals vs. Cardinals game. The Orioles sent Joe Saunders to the mound to oppose Phil Hughes, not front of the rotation type pitchers, but they certainly pitched like they were. Combined with the bullpen, Only 2 runs were scored all game until the 13th inning, when the Orioles rallied against the Yankee bullpen, ignited by Manny Machado’s double. Once A-Rod struck out to end the game, it meant one thing, 22 games including this series have no decided anything between the 2 teams. So tonight we have game 5. CC Sabathia facing Jason Hammel in a winner take all scenario. Not many picked the Orioles to be in this scenario, but they believe in themselves and they are ready to shock the world.

Thanks to Manny Machado, we are going to Game 5

What is there to say about Justin Verlander, other than I loathe/HATE facing him in a short series. It’s tough to face a guy of this caliber twice in a series when you need to win 3 games. Say what you want about him not being a big game pitcher, but this is the the second division series in a row in which he single handedly beat the other team (Last year against the Yankees was the other occurrence . Of course the Tiger offense exploded late in the game, but it didn’t matter. Verlander would have pitched until his arm fell off. As heartbreaking as it was, I couldn’t help but realize that I was witnessing an elite pitcher at his best. The final result, 6-0 Tigers win and a complete game shutout with 11K’s and 122 pitches thrown. Unfortunately for me and Athletics Nation, the A’s season is over and the miracle run has come to an end. Even though they were not predicted to make the playoffs, they had a great season and it’s painful to see it end like this. But the future is bright in Oakland and I am excited.

Yes, took the words right out of my mouth

On the ledger today, 2 more Game 5’s to deal with. O’s vs Yankees and Nationals vs. Cardinals. I’m excited. Just have to figure out a way to cope with the A’s loss. But hopefully more October magic can cloud my vision for the next week.

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