Wild Wednesday!

What a day for baseball yesterday. Other than the blowout in game 3 of the St. Louis Cardinals vs. Washington Nationals game, every game was exciting yesterday. This is why we tune in, why we wait the 6 months from Opening Day til now. We tune in for the drama of October.

The day led off with the sleeper I spoke of. Chris Carpenter was on the mound for the Cardinals and was taking no prisoners. He pitched scoreless ball into the 6th inning, spoiling postseason baseball’s return to the nation’s capital for the first time in 79 years. It was only Carpenter’s 4th start of the season, but he pitched more like a seasoned vet than someone recovering from an injury. Next up is game 4 today, where the Nationals will look to even the series and extend it to game 5.


Over in the other NLDS Series, the San Francisco Giants were looking to do the unthinkable, come back from a 2-0 deficit on the road to extend the series to game 5. From the second pitch of the game, they came out swinging. Angel Pagan led off the game with a homerun and the Giants offense exploded later in the game to the tune of a 8-3 win. During the regular season the Giants finished dead last in the National League in homeruns, yet they were able to hit 3. Tim Lincecum, who had his worst season of his career, pitched like the 2-time Cy Young winner that he once was, only this time it was out of the bullpen. Today the Giants send out their ace in Matt Cain, opposing Mat Latos, who baffled the Giants out of the bullpen in game 1.

Angel Pagan’s leadoff homerun paced the Giants to the game 4 win

We have seen this before. I am 100% sure of it. Yankees go down in the postseason, only to come back, tie the score and win it in extras. There have been many instances of Yankee players hitting walk-off homeruns in big playoff games, Derek Jeter and Scott Brosius to name a few, and every single one seems to be in the unlikeliest of scenarios. Well last night was no different. Down 2-1 late, after Miguel Gonzalez stymied the Yankees through 7 and Darren O’Day had an uneventful 8th inning, the Yankees were staring a 2-1 deficit in the face. But then Raul Ibanez stepped up to the plate to pinch hit for Alex Rodriguez. Wait. PINCH HITTING FOR A-ROD? We must have thought that he was insane, but apparently not. On the second pitch from closer Jim Johnson, he ripped the pitch into the right field stands and sent Yankee Stadium into an uproar. I wasn’t sure if what I was seeing was real when Raul Ibanez smashed the first pitch he saw in the 11th inning into the seats. Capping a dramatic walk-off and changing the tides of the series in a span of an hour. Tonight is huge, the Orioles will be looking for payback and this team is scrappy and might just pull it off. Tune in tonight for more excitement.

Raaaaaaauuuuuuulllllll! Yankees win another postseason thriller!

I will admit, last night was rough for me. Watching the Yankees escape with that dramatic win was tough to watch. Then followed by the A’s falling behind 2-0 early against the Tigers, things were not looking too good for me. Things started to look up once Stephen Drew hit a double into the gap to score Coco Crisp, but he was thrown out trying to stretch his double into a triple. Rally killed. I was starting to have thoughts that maybe this team of destiny might have met its match. It was the little things that were setting them back, and Max Scherzer was not helping the situation. In the top half of the 8th inning, the Tigers added another insurance run off A’s reliever Sean Doolittle, and this is when it looked bad. But something deep down made me realize, this team would not go out that easily. Then Jose Valverde aka Papa Grande came in for the 9th. The A’s faced him in game 1, and went away without a peep. Last night was a completely different scenario. Josh Reddick led off with a single to right field, followed by Josh Donaldson doubling to left on the very next pitch. Seth Smith followed, he doubled to right field to tie the score, showing the kind of emotion we love to see in October baseball. After 2 quick outs which couldn’t advance the runner to third, Coco Crisp  came up to the plate. The first pitch, a hanging split-finger fastball, Coco Crisp ripped into right field, which sent the Coliseum sellout crowd into a deafening roar. It was the 15th walk-off win of the season for the A’s, and it marked the first time in baseball history there were 2 walk-off wins on the same day in the Division Series. It proved to us that this team is resilient, and is trying to duplicate the same feat the 1995 Mariners accomplished, by losing the first 2 games on the road and then promptly winning the final 3 at home. It would be a fitting way to win this series for this team. A team of destiny, one which won’t go away without a fight. I believe in them, so should you! #OctoBernie!

Wow! What a win! Another Day, Another Walk-off!

Feel free to get out of work or whatever your obligations are today. There are decisive games today, 2 game 5’s and 2 crucial game 4’s. It’s October baseball, we should have not expected any less.

Here’s your written note for an excuse to get out of work



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