Hunt for October Sept 19, 2012

16 Days remain! (via

Here we are, the stretch run for the postseason. While we may never match last season’s excitement, 2 teams blowing 8.5 game leads in september to miss the playoffs, we certainly will come very close. On today’s date of September 19, 2012, we mathematically have 8 teams fighting for 5 spots in the American League, while we have 13 in the National League. But one thing to point out in the National League, 3 of those teams have magic numbers in the single digits.

With the addition of the second wild card this season, many more teams have been able to stay in contention late in the season and are spending their September’s fighting for a Wild Card spot, rather than playing for pride. Teams like Oakland and Baltimore, who haven’t played in the postseason together since 1974, are leading the AL Wild Card charge, despite finishing at the bottom half of their respective divisions a year before. Over in the Senior Circuit, the Washington Nationals are closing in on their first playoff berth since changing their name from the Montreal Expos.

There are the usual suspects involved, the Cardinals, Yankees, Giants, Reds, and Rangers are all primed for a return to the playoffs and ready to make a run. The next 15 games should be an exciting time, and if it has half the excitement that last season had, I am very very excited for what is in store. Will the Cinderella teams make it through, or will the proverbial clock strike midnight on their magical seasons? Who knows, all I can tell you is that I am excited for the finish and you should be as well!

16 Days remain! (via
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