USC’s Upset and What Lies Ahead

Matt Barkley hangs his head after USC’s tough loss

Over the weekend, the mighty football gods decided that my arrogance and confidence going into this season needed to be put in check. The whole summer, I bragged and boasted about how USC was about to run through their schedule, Matt Barkley would put up extraordinary numbers and run away with Heisman voting and USC would come out of suspension to win the BCS National Title. USC first wrangled Silas Redd away from Penn State, and then blew out Hawaii in their first game of the season.

But, and there is always a but, USC’s place kicker went down. Changing the complexion of USC’s special teams and eliminating a huge part of USC’s game. Next, USC made the trip to the bright lights of New York City to play Syracuse. While USC did beat Syracuse, along with the weather, it wasn’t a pretty Saturday. Many of USC’s weaknesses were exposed during the game, including their Special Teams deficiency.

Coming into the Stanford game, USC was reeling and playing a Stanford team with all the confidence in the world. It was a nightmarish combination for a team going on the road against a team they had lost 3 straight to. After jumping out to a 14-7 lead at halftime, the Trojans fell off in the second half and couldn’t put points on the board. Watching Matt Barkley out of sync with his receivers and scrambling for his life, his starting center was out with injury, was like watching a train wreck slowly for 60 minutes with USC’s title hopes falling off the tracks.

But the season isn’t over yet, and not because it is week 3, but because it is college football and upsets happen all the time. Just last week we saw 8th ranked Arkansas go down to an unranked foe in UL Monroe. After watching Cal give Ohio State a scare at the horseshoe, it will be interesting to see who goes down next. Should we hedge our bets and make a claim that a top team will go down? Not necessarily. While upsets do happen, they are not guaranteed but don’t forget that the majority of teams will go down with a loss of some sort this season as they have in the past years.

It’s the beautiful aspect we love to see in the sport of college football. Watching students storm the field in celebration of an upset, its something we all love to watch. Watching Stanford fans storm the field after beating USC was somewhat bittersweet. I love seeing the fans storm the field, but unfortunately this time it was at the expense of my favorite team. This setback can’t last too long, the California Bears come to town next week, time to bounce back!

    • Sean Breslin
    • September 18th, 2012

    USC will bounce back and will probably find a way to beat Oregon. That’s the way it seems to work!

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