Synthetic Testosterone becoming a Problem?

Wednesday, Oakland Athletics Pitcher Bartolo Colon was suspended 50 games for failing his drug test due to a high level of testosterone in his system. A week before, it was Melky Cabrera who was suspended for this same violation. Does baseball have a problem?

Remember this is the same sport that has had the Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, BALCO and Congressional Hearings problems looming the last 10 years. Now that the sport has put in a tighter testing system with stiffer penalties, it has somewhat cleaned up. But in the last 8 days, 2 players have been suspended for the exact same offense, elevated levels of testosterone.

This is an issue that has become bigger and bigger in Major League Baseball. The former BALCO mastermind Victor Conte believes that many players these days are using this and he wouldn’t be surprised if half the league was using. “I’m not going to name names,” Conte said in an interview with USA Today, “but I’ve talked to a lot of top players in Major League Baseball, and they tell me this is what they’re doing. There is rampant use of synthetic testosterone in Major League Baseball.”

Words like these can only mean trouble. It is rough for baseball to swallow considering all they have done to clean up the sport. But in the last year, high profile players such as Ryan Braun, Melky Cabrera, and now Bartolo Colon have failed tests for synthetic testosterone. Are these just the few that actually got caught or is this part of a bigger issue?

Major League Baseball’s system is extremely flawed, considering not every player is tested and they also are not tested during the offseason, it is very easy to beat the system. It is a never ending battle with chemistry. It is tough because as we have seen in the past 15-20 years, science will always be ahead of the regulations that any sport puts forward.

On another level,

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