Olympic Thoughts


London 2012

After the first few weekend of the Olympics has wrapped, here are a few thoughts about what has happened in the first few days.


Ryan Lochte sporting his Gold Medal and Grill after winning his first competition during the 2012 London Olympics

In probably the most anticipated rivalry between teammates, Ryan Lochte won the gold medal in the 400m Individual Medley in swimming and Michael Phelps finished 4th. It wasn’t a huge shock that Michael Phelps didn’t win this event, especially considering he had previously stated he never wanted to compete in that even again. After slipping into the final with the 8th position, Phelps didn’t seem to have a good swim and was beaten by his teammate by more than 4 seconds to finish 4th, his first finish without a medal since the Sydney games of 2000.

In what turned out to be a surprise, but not really the result we expected, the French upset both the defending gold medalists United States and the world favorite Australians. This was billed as the sequel to the epic race in 2008, in which Jason Lezak of the USA overcame a body length deficit to not only set a world record by 4 seconds but also shock the French who during the last leg held a commanding lead. Unfortunately the United States couldn’t bring back any of that magic and were beaten by the French. Even more surprising is the 4 swimmers who swam in the morning, including Lezak, were replaced with Cullen Jones, Nathan Adrian, Phelps, and Lochte.

Over to Soccer, in which the US men somehow didn’t qualify, the women are clear through the group stages after a great start. They beat France 4-2 in their opening game, and then had a 3-0 victory over Columbia. The US women are a soccer, football in this case, super power and are favored to make it all the way to the medal round. The American’s play DPR Korea in their final group game before they make their way towards the gold.

On the Men’s side, the super power that is La Roja aka Spain, was recently just eliminated from the Olympic competition after losing to Japan 1-0 in the opener and then 1-0 to Honduras in their second game. This comes as a shock considering Spain just won the Euro Cup just a month ago. While it’s not the same squad, this Spanish team does have some of the same stars the team that won the Euros does. Players like Juan Mata, Jordi Alba, and Javi Martinez. This Spanish team just never got going, failing to score in the first 2 games and now has one game left this tournament and somehow has to salvage some ounce of pride since they do not have much else left to play for.

Finally in Men’s Basketball, while they have been joking with each other and flooding instagram with hilarious photos (see below), have been all business on the court beating France 98-71 in their opening game. The real test will come once they get through their group stage, which will likely pit them against Spain at some point, who no doubtedly is their biggest competition.


US Men’s Basketball on Segways #segwayswag


Is Carmelo smiling because King James was caught sleeping or is it because he stole Lebron’s headband?


Kevin Love is the winner of the #GotEm game. Anthony Davis cuddled up like a baby, Chris Paul drooling on his pillow, and even Coach K!


Deron Williams and Lolo Jones acting silly during the Opening Ceremony

As of today, the US is still behind China in olympic medals, but with strong showings in sports such as swimming, volleyball, track & field and basketball, the United States should be able to overtake the Chinese in the standings and show us all why we are super powers at the Olympics.

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