A’s most exciting team in baseball this season?


After yet ANOTHER walk-off victory for the A’s this afternoon, their 9th of the season, the A’s salvaged a split against the AL West leading Texas Rangers. Watching this team comeback again against one of the AL’s elite teams, it brings up the question ‘Are the A’s the most exciting team in baseball to watch?

Not only is this team great in late game situations, but they are the type of team that many people are overlooking because they lack the typical ‘superstar’ that most teams possess. Yes, they signed Yoenis Cespedes who was on many teams radar in the off season, but other than that no player on this team is a real household name. Which makes their run even more impressive. A team many thought back in February would lose 100 games is now bashing home runs, leading the league in ERA and winning games on walk-off home runs (the A’s lead the majors with 9 walk-off wins). Even more impressive is many different pieces to this team are contributing a walk-off of their own. Brandon Inge, 7 games after being acquired after the A’s, hit a walk-off grand slam to beat the Blue Jays. Cespedes, who has been off and on injured this season, hit a walk-off against the then NL West leading Los Angeles Dodgers to complete a sweep. Not to be outdone, that Sunday against the A’s cross bay rivals, rookie Derek Norris who had been called up earlier that week, saved the A’s with a walk-off home run against the San Francisco Giants to avoid the sweep at home. See the recurring theme here? There’s more. On July 6th Chris Carter was able to join the club and hit a walk-off home run of his own for the win against the Seattle Mariners. Two days later, despite being snubbed for an All-Star pick, Josh Reddick’s walk-off double sent the A’s into the All-Star at .500, a place many fans and experts had not expected from this team.

Is this baseball’s most exciting team to watch? No true superstar, a lineup full of misfits and guys who have been undervalued by their old clubs, along with a manager who just took over the rains midway through last season. This is the glimmer of hope this ball club has been looking for, especially with the franchise in limbo due to the stadium issue. They are giving guys a second chance and opportunity to play. Brandon Inge who had been released early in the season by the Tigers, immediately came in and provided a spark for the team with a hot start. Even though he has cooled down as of late, its something that many of the newest influx of players have given. Brandon Moss, a former Red Sox prospect, who then flamed out with the Pittsburgh Pirates most recently, came in and has sparked the A’s to a 21-9 run since being called up. Mix-in a bunch of prospects who were acquired for stars, and you have a young, exciting team of players with nothing to lose. 

Now the boring, $200 million dollar payroll, old school New York Yankees come to town. While this is a team that can hit the long ball and even pitch pretty well, they are a team full of veterans and salary, a team who no doubt will be in the playoffs this season but does not possess the chemistry and youthful exuberance that this squad has. It wasn’t until the Yankees acquired former Athletic Nick Swisher that they seemed to loosen up a bit. 

When was the last time you saw the Yankees or anyone celebrate a homerun like this? 

Or like this one? I keep tuning into games over and over again just to see if they are going to get another walk-off just so I can see someone get a pie to the face and a gatorade shower. Can this team withstand this success the last 2 months of the season and steal the 2nd wild-card spot? I sure hope so. America needs to see the excitement this team brings to the field.

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