First the Decision, Now the Collapse!

What a game last night! The Orlando Magic went into American Airlines to face the Miami Heat and stole a win last night. Down 24 points in the 3rd Quarter on the road, the Magic went on a late 40-9 run over the span of 15 minutes and the aftermath was the 2nd largest comeback in franchise history and the 2nd time this season the Heat have failed to close out a game with a 20+ point lead. During this run, many of the Heat’s stars went into witness protection, Lebron James and Dwayne Wade being the main culprits. After scoring 47 points in the first half, 2 more than the Orland Magic as a team, Wade and James went 3 for 13 from the field in the second half including 0 for 4 and 0 for 2 by Wade and James respectively in the second half. Lebron James, who is soon to lose his moniker of King James if he doesn’t step it up son, failed to score a point, record an assist, or even grab a rebound in the 4th quarter. Dwight Howard, who finished with 14 points and 18 rebound, out rebounded the Heat himself in the fourth quarter 10-9.

What’s more interesting about this game is that Lebron James this week, sent out a tweet saying he was re-focused and was taking no prisoners and that he has no friends in war but his soldiers. Now I know Lebron wants to be the so-called villain these days, but using twitter to hype up the media about how he is ready for the second half is baloney. On top of that, the Heat’s performance in the second half makes me along with many other sports fans and realize that he can’t be the villain. Michael Jordan was a villain, he would go into Madison Square Garden to prove a point and would do everything in his power to make sure the Bulls came out with a victory. Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce are guys who are the same way, ice water running through their veins and that killer instinct. In his 7 plus years in the NBA, I can only find once instance where Lebron had that killer instinct and that was in the playoffs against the Pistons. If Lebron wants to be a true villain, he needs to quit messing around and make a statement on the court, not trough the media or any other outlet, but on the court, whether in the Regular Season or the Playoffs. If not soon, he is just going to be another one of those overrated, overhyped superstars who couldn’t get it done.

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