Violations of Honor Code?

What a whirlwind of 96 hours for the Brigham Young University Cougars. Fresh off a huge road win against conference rival #4 San Diego State, they vaulted themselves into first place in the Mountain West Conference with a 13-1 record with 2 to play. Monday, the Cougars jumped up to #3 in the polls and the College Basketball Analysts all started to put BYU in the discussion with Duke, Ohio State, & Kansas for that coveted #1 seed in the upcoming NCAA Tournament. Then the unspeakable happened, sophomore Brandon Davies is dismissed from the team for what is being called, a violation of the school’s honor code. Following this news, the newly rated Cougars hosted the New Mexico Lobos with a chance to all but clinch the Mountain West Conference and lock up the top seed in the upcoming Conference Tournament. The Cougars suffered what many would call a huge letdown. Their star Jimmer Fredette, who would finish with 33 pts, shot 10 for 26 from the field including a dismal 1 for 9 from downtown. BYU eventually lost the game 82-64, and after being on such a high from last weekend, they find themselves reeling going into the conference tournament. How does this effect BYU going forward? Davies locked down San Diego State’s forwards in the win last saturday and was an integral part of BYU’s front court, averaging 11.1 ppg and a team leading 6.2 rpg.

The main question around the sports world seems to be if the punishment for Davies was just. BYU is what many would consider a Mid-Major school and their strict rules and student expectations make it a tough environment for any student-atheletes to want to come to their school in the first place. It was announced that Davies, had admitted to school officials that he had sexual relations with his girlfriend. BYU expects their students to “live a chaste and virtuous life,” which includes abstaining from sexual relations, coffee, alcohol, and tea. I think that sometimes some of these expectations are somewhat rash. I am in no way trying to downplay the importance of the culture that surrounds Provo, Utah, but at some point there has to be either a common ground on a student code of conduct and a students privacy.¬† I can understand punishing the kid, but why kick him off the team. When you have coaches with recruiting violations (Bruce Pearl, Jim Calhoun, etc.) who are getting slaps on the wrists for what they have done, then why is a student-athlete punished for engaging in sexual behavior with his significant other. Its not like he commited adultery or anything serious. It still is a question to me on what Davies’ religious preference, that will definitely be the deal-breaker.

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