So it has been a while since i have posted something on here.. It has been a crazy summer for sports and what-not. LeBron sold out, as expected to many except all the Cleveland fans. I find it funny how much hoopla was put behind this situation. Many things became shook up; Amare went to the big apple, David Lee came out west to the Warriors along with a new logo and look, and other minor moves came to shake up the NBA in a much hyped up summer. Now that fall is around the corner how will these changes turn about. WIll the Lakeshow three-peat or will the Championship take its turn back to the Eastern Conference. My pick is still with my team the Lakers but im interested to see how things turn out.

Baseball season definitely hasn’t disappointed. Another good batch of pennant races has come to the attention of many. My picks for this season down the stretch are the Tampa Bay races in the AL East, the Chicago White Sox in the AL Central, the Texas Rangers (unfortunately), and the New York Yankees for the AL Wild Card. The Rays beat the Rangers in the first round with the Yanks beating the White Sox in a tough 5 game series. Out in the National League i have the San Diego Padres winning the NL West, the Cincinnati Red winning the NL Central, The Philadelphia Phillies winning the NL East for a 3rd straight year with the Atlanta Braves winning the wild card. The Padres will beat the Braves in the first round with the Phillies beating the Reds in the other NLDS. The LCS will come down to tough matchups, the Rays vs. the Yanks and the Padres vs. The Phillies. The Rays vs. Yanks series will remind us how good the 2008 ALCS was with the Rays prevailing again and the NLCS will be a tough pitching duel with Philadelphia’s juggernaut offense coming thru in the clutch. The 2010 World Series will be a rematch of 2008 but the 3 games in the middle in South Florida will be much needed for the Rays who will dispatch the Phillies in 6. Can’t wait to see how the final month of the season pans out.

All other sports for me have ceased to catch my attention. The 2010 World Cup was amazing and i literally cannot wait for the 2012 Euro Championships. Soccer i feel is becoming popular and attractive again and I believe US Soccer will benefit the most based on what we were treated to this summer. I am very very excited.

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