Bulls drop Celtics in Game 6 Triple Overtime thriller..

Wow. This year has been one hell of a year for dramatic postseason games. The Bulls and Celtics have yet to let me down this series. Out of the first 5 games in this series we have had 3 overtime games with one being a double overtime thriller which the Bulls won at home. With the exception of game 3, every game has gone down to the wire. So naturally game 6 would have to be more of the same. Game 6 had everything. Rajon Rondo and Kirk Hinrich got physical in the first quarter with Rondo given a flagrant 2 foul. The Bulls blew a big lead late in the fourth quarter and then gave the Celtics a big lead which they came back from. It was epic. Regulation was intense and the 3 overtimes that we witnessed were even better. Key players on both teams fouled out which made a few unknowns step up, namely Joakim Noah, Brad Miller, and Glen “Big Baby” Davis.  Derrick Rose even punked Rajon Rondo at the end of the game with his block to seal the victory when everyone thought Rondo was going to hit a game winner. Boston threw some big punches in this game, i guess Chicago just had more in them. Derrick Rose is playing like a seasoned vet, Joakim Noah and Brad Miller are playing like elite big men, and Ben Gordon is shooting the lights out of the ball. Maybe Chicago can pull the upset. Its going to be tough though with Boston at home for game 7. Ray Allen coming off a Jordan-esqe performance with 51 points, Davis contributing a solid 23 points, Paul Pierce with 22 points and Rajon Rondo dishing out 19 assists. Boston just didnt get the bounces late in the game. Its so hard to overlook such insane stats. John Salmons dropping such an overlooked 35 points and with Derrick Rose with 28 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists as well as hitting clutch shot after shot. For sports fans this was one of the best games to watch and one of the best series i have had the privilege of watching. All i can hope for is that game 6 saturday doesnt disappoint.

ESPN.com’s Take

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