Greg Oden


Scary isnt it?

Scary isn't it?



Maybe its just me, but doesn’t Greg Oden seem like the type who would scare little kids. I mean it’s already enough that he looks like he could be Lebron James’ dad, but still. Greg Oden looks like an old man, and what’s sad is he is not even old enough to purchase alcohol legally. I mean damn someone with that kind of mug, who can’t legally buy alcohol. I kinda feel sorry for the guy.

But hey, at least  he can ball it up. I mean if your a blazers fan you should grow up idolizing this guy, wait, really? I mean i respect him as a player completely, but i really just cant take him seriously. I mean have you seen his commercials? This guy tries to be funny and marketable but in reality he is just really corny. Well maybe it was just the way they came across. Who knows. But we will see how he progresses as a big man. he won’t outplay my man Bynum out there in L.A. So the Blazers won’t make it to the Western Conference royalty just yet. 

For one thing, his newest teammate Jerryd Bayless put it down last nite…

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