College Football Bowl Season

As we approach the final college football game of the season, I find myself asking a few questions about the season which we all just witnessed. Not one team really emerged this season as a clear favorite, there was much disappointment from the early contenders, and once again many coaches and fans are declaring their hate for the BCS. Why can’t come up with a system which can satisfy everyone, a sort of playoff system which can have a winner take all format because obviously the BCS is too unreliable when it comes to crowning a champion.

The Utah Utes fresh off their upset of Georgia, finished the season 13-0, and beat 4 opponents who will most likely finish the season ranked in the top 25, yet they most likely wont finish higher than 5th in the polls. The USC Trojans and Texas Longhorns as well have impressive resumes, yet did not get any recognition for the National title game. USC won the Pac-10 (a BCS Conference), posted impressive wins over 4 potentially ranked teams including a 35-3 thrashing of Ohio State in the 3rd week of the season. USC also fielded one of the most dominating defenses in recent history with potentially 10 of their starters playing at the next level at some point. If not for a slow start in the first half against Oregon State, we could very well see USC playing tomorrow night in South Florida. And then there’s the story of the Texas Longhorns. If not for a last second touchdown by the red-hot Texas Tech Red Raiders, Texas could have penciled their name in the BCS National Championship Game. Their resume is just as impressive, with wins over 4 ranked opponents including Oklahoma, whom is playing in the BCS National Championship Game.  Texas, led by Junior Quarterback Colt McCoy, was impressive on both sides of the ball and proved that in their win in the Fiesta Bowl over Ohio State. 

With much commotion about the 3 teams who were snubbed and the 2 who are ultimately playing in the title game, the BCS should consider adopting a new system. While this may seem redundant and mundane, year in and year out many schools are snubbed because they feel their school has played well enough to deserve the chance at the national title. So why doesn’t college football adapt a new playoff system. College Basketball seems to have a reliable system which many consider the best playoff system in sports. Maybe an 12 team playoff similar to that of the NFL would solve many problems that were arised during the Bowl Season. With a 12 team playoff the winners of the 6 major conferences could be given first round byes and then the remaining six spots could be filled with at-large bids and the highest ranked BCS schools. The teams who do not make the playoffs still could play in the other bowl games somewhat like college basketball does This could bring a problem with having too many games. One solution would be cut out the amount of non-conference games thus preparing teams to play a max of sixteen games. Yes, this would require a mass overhaul of the whole College Football schedule, but this is much needed and could help repair the image of the playoff system they currently have in place. It would give all teams more of an even playing field. But hey, thats just me. Maybe I should be put in charge of the BCS or is it BSC? Oh right, its the BCS. But yea, this could help prevent such an uproar and this way whoever wins can say they legitimately won the National Championship because they earned it. Only time will tell, hopefully this will change.

Prediction: Oklahoma 42- Florida 35. Sam Bradford will be player of the game with 5 Touchdown passes and over 400 yards passing. Not that I am a fan of either team, (I definitely root for the Trojans) but Oklahoma will have proved itself worthy of the National title after an impressive win.

2009 Prediction: The face of College Football changes with Bradford, Tim Tebow, Matthew Stafford, Knowshon Moreno, and many other big name stars declaring for the draft. Of those who stayed, Mark Sanchez, Terrelle Pryor, Noel Devine and Colt McCoy to name a few, will headline the upcoming season with the four aformentioned leading the Heisman Trophy candidacy therefore leading up to an exciting finish in College Football with USC taking on Texas in a rematch of one of the greatest College Football games ever, ironically in the same venue. This time USC will get its revenge and will complete a perfect 13-0 season. (Hey I can be optimistic right?)

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